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6 Tips for Hiring An Intern for Your Business

5 min read | Feb 19, 2024
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Internships are beneficial to students as they give them a taste of what the “real world” is like before entering the workforce. Conversely, this exchange is equally important to companies as it offers an opportunity to enhance your brand’s reputation as a nurturing ground for talent and innovation. Plus, the fresh perspectives that interns bring to the table can challenge the status quo, sparking new ideas and driving your business forward!

However, to truly harness their potential, it’s crucial to approach the intern hiring process with intention and strategy. Finding the right intern isn’t just about posting a job ad and hoping the perfect candidate applies. Defining clear objectives, crafting a mutually beneficial internship program, and fostering a supportive environment that encourages learning and growth are key when recruiting the best talent for the role.

So, in this article, we’ll discuss handy tips to help you hire an intern effectively.

1. Offer a Paid Internship Program

Gone are the days when unpaid internships were acceptable. The rising cost of living is impacting everyone, and it could be particularly challenging for students or recent graduates who can’t afford to not earn while they learn.

For them, unpaid internships—no matter how incredible the opportunity—are less attractive than minimum wage internships. This also means a potential loss of talent for your company since you’re lowering the rate of applicants for the role.

Inversely, a company that offers paid internships demonstrates appreciation for the intern’s contributions and makes them feel valued. This increases the chances of them applying for a more permanent position in the future.

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2. Check the Resume Quality and Length Thoroughly

Once you have a healthy pool of applicants, your next step in hiring interns is shortlisting your candidate pool. The simplest and most effective way to do this is by looking at the length and quality of the resume.

A major sign a candidate is suited for the role is if their resume has perfect spelling, grammar, and punctuation. While seemingly inconsequential, nailing these factors in their resume means they pay attention to what they write and care about the “small” details.

Additionally, look for succinct resumes that state relevant skills for the job. After all, a one-pager with complete details necessary for the role is much better than a three-page resume filled with participation awards.

3. Consider How Well They Communicate

How well a person communicates indicates how easy working with them will be. Their ability to effectively communicate is crucial to team dynamics, and candidates who cannot express their ideas clearly or succinctly may not be the best fit.

During the interview, observe how the candidate responds to your questions. If there’s an exam during the hiring process, observe how well they follow directions as well. These are all part of being able to comprehend and communicate with others, so consider turning down applicants who can’t follow instructions.

4. Find Someone Who Demonstrates Professionalism

Intern hiring means managing your expectations. It’s crucial to keep an open mind and expect that many applicants will have little to no real-life experience in the job they’re applying for. However, you can always check how they conduct themselves during the interview process.

A student being late to an interview, showing up in casual clothing, or having seemingly unkempt hair hints at a lack of professionalism on the candidate’s part. This could also indicate they aren’t taking the interview seriously, meaning they might not take the role seriously should they get hired.

5. Observe if They’ve Done Their Research

Applicants who take the time to research the job and company they’re applying for show their strong interest in the role—a crucial aspect to look for when hiring interns. Reading what they could find on the company’s website also means they’re interested in their potential growth with the company should they get hired, even if it’s just a summer internship.

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6. Pay Attention to the Relevant Experience They Do Have

Lack of professional experience is to be expected when starting the intern hiring process. However, you can always look for any relevant training or experience candidates may have, such as skills they’ve learned so far in college or university, and see how they can apply this to the internship.

Candidates who can relate their experience to the internship have a significant advantage over others.

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