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    As your media buyer recruiter, we know that finding the right person to make the right buys on the right channels is critical to spending wisely across the full gammit of advertising mediums that exist. Media buyers are the ones responsible for landing deals with media sales companies so the company gets the best possible rates for the most appropriate media spaces. They work with the media planning team to hit targets and ensure that the media plan is progressing on the right track.

    A media buyer recruiter expertly sources those who possess the right mix of skills is challenging, especially with today’s competitive market and their complex skillset that you need to evaluate. This is where our services come into play.

    At AdCulture, we pride ourselves as experts in finding talents to fill positions in the marketing industry. We are backed by successful recommendations, thanks to our intensive screening process that allows us to find the “unicorns” of the industry. We will take the hard work of sifting through hundreds of applications off your hands and give you the best candidates. This way, you save time and money as you focus on hiring and training your company’s dream buyer as soon as possible.

    Working From Home Media Buyer

    Today’s digital age has allowed us to work from anywhere, including the comfort of our own homes. A work from home (WFH) media buyer communicates to media selling groups and key stakeholders without any trouble when performing their tasks remotely. A WFH media buyer should be able to multitask and work autonomously on client projects to meet deadlines efficiently. Here are some tips from our media buyer recruiters for remote onboarding.

    In The Office Media Buyer

    An office-based media buyer role has more or less the same set of key responsibilities as WFH. The main difference between the two positions is that an in-office media buyer would be able to speak to key stakeholders, media sellers, clients, and other members of the team in person.

    With that being said, an in-office media buyer needs to have good people skills and a pleasing personality, mixed with their strategic negotiation skills.

    Media Buyer For Digital Agency

    A media buyer working for a digital agency is responsible for developing sophisticated marketing plans and media purchases for acquisition and retention campaigns. Aside from powerful negotiation and number skills, they need to be able to multitask. This is because they are required to oversee and work around varying budgets of different clients and present the most cost-efficient solutions for each one.

    A media buyer for a digital agency develops effective media buying strategies, negotiates and participates in media planning to identify target audiences for the clients they work with.

    Media Manager For Small Business

    If you want your small, independently owned business to gain exposure through affordable advertising channels, hiring an experienced media buyer is the right move. They can provide knowledge about pricing, trends, ownership, and other specifics that are relevant to your current market and to a wider, more competitive market.

    In addition to knowing local media buying strategies, a small business media buyer has an in-depth understanding of paid social media advertising and can cater to your preferred demographic so your ads appear in the feeds of users closest to your vicinity.

    We can help you find the best media buyer to suit your needs so you can efficiently enter a larger market and increase your brand awareness through the proper local channels.

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      What Qualities Should You Look For in a Media Buyer Recruiter?

      Qualities We Look For In A Project Manager - Ad Culture

      Negotiation Skills

      An excellent media buyer has exceptional negotiation skills that would always work in favour of clients and the company they work with. The right mix of extensive research and numerical skills, communication skills, and competitiveness in negotiating makes up the formula for a successful media buyer.

      There are different negotiating techniques aimed at different media sellers. The right candidate should know all of these techniques and create audience profiles in order to implement a variety of targeting tactics.

      We look for media buyers who treat negotiating as a competitive art form, with a mindset focused on winning. Our evaluation process allows us to determine which candidates are willing to play hardball while keeping a professional attitude to retain positive progress.

      Careful Budgeting

      Being good with numbers is a natural skill for media buyers, and dexterity in managing budgets is an offshoot of this trait. We consider candidates who can:

      • Manage Client-Specific Budget Approvals, Campaign Budgets, And Inventory Optimizations;
      • Develop And Maintain Media Flowcharts And Changes In Campaign Budgets;
      • Oversee Vendor Relationships; And
      • Learn Budgeting Tactics To Cater To Specific And Individual Client Needs While Maximizing Results.

      We are looking for media buyers who have hands-on experience in campaign management and optimization in digital or traditional media buying, preferably within an integrated communications environment. Our candidates can walk the talk, but are able to retain their best professional behaviour during stressful situations.

      In short, we look for media buyer candidates who can manage your budget in the best way possible. We understand the concern of overspending on marketing efforts, and our buyers will make sure that you don’t spend too much on channels that will not drive more sales or exposure.

      Potential For Growth

      The candidates that we consider in our evaluation process show a willingness to grow within the company. We know how important it is to retain valuable employees, as they can train new employees to adapt their expertise and expand on the efficiency they bring in.

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        What is the Average Media Buyer Salary?

        Average Salary For A Project Manager - Ad Culture

        The average media buyer salary depends on their experience and the size and location of the company. Entry-level candidates earn around $55,000 to $60,000 while an experienced media buyer in Toronto can earn up to $90,000 annually.

        Average Media Buyer Salary - Ad Culture

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          Hire Your Next Marketer!

          As experts in the digital marketing industry, we take the time to learn your company culture, which makes us unique compared to other recruitment agencies. Every company is different and we customize our screening approach to match the media buyer position you are trying to fill.

          Get the most bang out of your marketing efforts-buck. Hire your media buyer recruiter through AdCulture today. Contact us to talk to one of our recruitment experts and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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          Grow Your Team With Us - Ad Culture

          Grow Your Team With Us!

          We have found that hiring always means that your teams are even busier because they’re handling their workload while getting a new member onboarded. There is a lot of time and training in any onboarding process, so it’s important that time is spent on the right person. That’s why we take the time and care, paired with our expertise in advertising, to bring forward candidates that will find their feet faster and contribute sooner.

          We’re confident we can meet your growing personnel needs. At Ad Culture we go the extra mile to hire for skills, experience, attitude, and leadership. We’re looking for intelligence, integrity, and energy.

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