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Hello, we are Ad Culture!

We are a Kansas advertising recruitment agency specializing in hiring digital marketing and advertising unicorns.

Our marketing expertise allows us to find the best combinations of technical skills and personalities, so both employees and employers can work towards growth and long-term partnerships.

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Kansas’s #1 Marketing Recruitment Agency

With marketing being one of the most in-demand functions in 2022, marketing professionals find themselves choosing among a ton of employment opportunities, while Kansas employers find it increasingly difficult to fill vacancies.

The option to outsource work to Kansas city PR firms or marketing agencies is not always practical, as agency fees vary from project to project and can get really expensive when extra services are required.

That’s why we’ve set shop in Kansas to help hiring companies and suitable candidates find each other. If you’re in urgent need of marketers but don’t exactly know what to look for, our Kansas advertising recruitment agency has just the right tools and knowledge to bring them closer to you.

Hiring? We Can Help

It can be tough to hire for different marketing positions as different roles have different technical specializations. When it comes to digital, media and advertising, the challenge is greater, as these roles are highly specialized and require certain technical skills to perform.

Not to mention, the soft skills required from these creative roles, which is not present in all candidates.

Ad Culture can not only spot worthy candidates, we also make sure they can spot you.

Our ability to match companies with the right candidates for their needs ensures that both employees and employers will be happy after hiring, so both can benefit from the partnership and will want to work with each other for a long time. 

Our Digital Advertising Recruitment Services

As a trusted Kansas advertising recruitment agency, we at Ad Culture know that in order for partnerships to work, both parties should be fulfilled. That’s why we take extra care knowing both you and the applicants. While it is important for us to present you with the best hire, we also see to it that the candidate will be able to thrive, within your team and within your organization.

Below are just some of the positions we hire for, and we are always ready to recruit for more specialized marketing positions.

Strategy & Client Facing Technical Specialists Web Design & Development


Hire Top Kansas Talent

We understand that when hiring, there’s usually a shortage of time already, so we want to take that extra task off your to-do list, and bring a solution that will help you achieve your goals sooner.

Stop worrying about recruitment and focus on work that truly matters. While you work toward achieving your KPIs, we will take care of the recruitment process—from end to end. All you’ll need to do is wait for the final interview and have a hard time choosing just one among the great candidates we’ve selected for you.

Get Hired by a Kansas Company

We work with great companies all throughout Kansas, and they’re looking for great talent! But we also know that pay and the promise of employment will not be enough for you to stay.

When you submit your resume to us, we will take time to truly know you. We appreciate different combinations of talents and attitudes, and will try to match you with a company that is looking for your kind of unicorn. 

So if you’re looking for opportunities, get in touch with the most reliable Kansas advertising recruitment agency: Ad Culture. Your dream job might just be what we’re hiring for.

Why Use Ad Culture?

We Understand Your Unique Needs

In order for us to bring the best candidates to you, we’ll need to understand your business needs. We’ll go through your requirements and study your company, then draft our recruitment plan from there.

We Get the Conversation Started

We’ll start with the best people in our network, and grow the list with suitable candidates from our growing database of applicants. Our preliminary conversations should help filter qualified candidates before we move on with further assessments.

We’ll Narrow Down Your Best Options

We’ll explore how our qualified candidates fit into your expectations—their skills, level of experience, training and their own expectations. We’ll also assess what ADDITIONAL value they can bring to your workplace. We are after all, looking for a unicorn!

We Facilitate Candidate Introductions

After the selection process, we will set up an interview schedule that works for both you and the candidates. You’ll be presented with candidate summaries to give you a glimpse of their background so you can prepare additional questions for the interview. From there, it’s up to you to decide which candidate is right for you. And we won’t stop searching until you’re sure you’ve found them.

Recruit the Right Kansas Talent for Your Team

If you’re looking to build or expand your marketing team, a Kansas advertising recruitment agency like Ad Culture is exactly what you need.

We know the landscape, we know the industry, and we are confident we are capable of finding the right professionals for your marketing needs.

Our satisfied clients and hires would agree.

Give us a call or leave a message to start your search today.