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How do you find great talent in Montreal? The answer’s simple: Ad Culture.

We are a Montreal advertising recruitment agency whose main objective is not just to haphazardly fill jobs; we personally get to know each candidate and carefully select them based on your needs, company culture, and other factors.

This leads to higher retention rates and long-lasting relationships.

Montreal’s #1 Marketing Recruitment Agency

Montreal has been steadily growing over the last few decades as industry flourishes and people relocate to this beautiful city.

In this sea of people with varying talents and skills, how do you find the right person your company needs? Recruitment is a demanding task that requires long hours of work which is why you need the right recruitment agency in Montreal to help you.

With specialized recruitment knowledge, we can speed up the hiring process to find high-quality candidates for you. This way, you can spend your time on things that matter—like growing your business.

Hiring? We Can Help

Talents are hard to come by. Companies sometimes need to adjust their standards and hire people with little to no experience.

Most companies—big or small—also do not have the time nor the eye to headhunt for marketing creatives. This is where Ad Culture comes in.

Because we are marketing and advertising professionals ourselves, we have a greater understanding of SEO, website design, social media management, and more. This also means we are better equipped to spot rare marketing talent (a unicorn!). Besides, we chose the right people to build our own team, and we can do the same for you!

Our Digital Advertising Recruitment Services

We don’t just recognize talent; we match them with employers who have a company culture that aligns with theirs. Hence, employees and employers both benefit from such a match.

We have helped candidates find the right fit for the following positions:


Hire Top Montreal Talent

Rather than spend time and resources going through the laborious hiring process (only to later find out you hired the wrong person), why not let a Montreal advertising recruitment agency handle it for you?

We can draft job descriptions, collect and sort resumes, screen interviews, verify references, and test skills for you, so you don’t have to. Moreover, our network, knowledge, skills, and processes allow us to find the perfect Montreal candidate who exactly fits your standards.

Get Hired by a Montreal Company

We see you as more than just a profile. We hire people based on more than just their skills because we know there are other factors involved in recruitment. Who you are is just as important.

There are many companies in our network that need diverse talents and personalities. We’re sure someone of your calibre would be an asset to one of them.

So, whether you’re looking for your next job in Montreal or just looking around for opportunities, sending us your resume will open doors for you.

Why Use Ad Culture?

We Understand Your Unique Needs

Understanding your company’s needs is the first step to successful hiring. We conduct a discovery process to learn more about your business. This allows us to gain insights into your unique needs. From there, we can recommend the best candidates to you.

We Get the Conversation Started

Using our database of applications as well as existing relationships, our team will begin compiling a list of candidates. After that, we will begin talking to candidates who might be a good match.

We’ll Narrow Down Your Best Options

Candidates will be interviewed by our team to find out what their experiences and expectations are. We will review their working style and learn how they can contribute to your workplace culture. We will then screen them according to your needs and expectations.

We Facilitate Candidate Introductions

As soon as we select the best candidates, we will work around your schedule so you can meet them. Our team will provide you with candidate summaries so you have a background of who you’re going to meet and can prepare any questions in advance. You will then choose which candidate fits your needs the most.

Recruit the Right Montreal Talent for Your Team

Ad Culture can handle your advertising recruitment needs in Montreal, whether you’re looking to hire one person or build an entire team.

When it comes to recruiting, we take a creative, unique approach in order to find the right candidate. Our years of experience and success prove that our processes work.

Contact us today to learn more.