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    When trying to hire a full stack developer, a company needs to have an understanding of the range of their responsibilities. It’s a valuable position for organizations that rely on their online presence and web development with minimizing costs in mind. The demand for this position is high, as full stack developers are considered all-around programmers who are capable of creating full-fledged web, mobile, and desktop applications.

    Our Full Stack Developer Recruiter experts at AdCulture have established a reputation for hiring excellent programmers for companies in the marketing industry. We understand that trying to find the best full stack developer who exhibits the proper technical skills and intuitive traits can be challenging. Luckily, we have developed a screening process that allows us to find and nurture top-level talents for the companies we work with.

    By subscribing to AdCulture’s recruitment services in Toronto for a full stack developer, you can save time and money on screening candidates and continue running your business smoothly.

    What is a Full Stack Developer?

    In simple terms, a full stack web developer is a programmer and coder who can manage to work with back-end and front-end technologies. In the world of web development, full stack developers are considered versatile gurus who can solve issues behind the scenes to ensure the efficacy of your user experience.

    A full stack developer knows how to apply their technical skills to manage the overall infrastructure of your web applications. From the business logic to the presentation, up to the database handling, they know how to do it all.

    Here are more details about what a full stack developer should possess:

    • Strong Understanding Of Project Development: From Database Architecture To Final Front-End Development And User Experience;
    • Advanced Knowledge Of Both Front-End And Back-End Frameworks; And
    • Technical Know-How On How To Integrate The Stages To Produce The Desired Output.

    They ensure that your online platforms are running smoothly, from the back-end programming up to the user-end.

    What Roles Does a Front Stack Developer Usually Play?

    Your company will experience advantages when you employ a skilled front stack developer. They have the knowledge to take a concept and turn it into a fully functional application and make sure that everything works smoothly.

    The role that front stack developers play can make projects run smoother by eliminating an extra employee. This saves time, costs, and ensures efficacy on many levels.

    Here are more responsibilities of a front stack developer:

    • Developing Front-End Website Infrastructure
    • Developing Back-End Website Applications
    • Designing And Implementing User Interactions On All Web Pages
    • Creating Databases And Servers To Secure Functionality
    • Securing Cross-Platform Optimization For Mobile Devices
    • Safeguarding Responsiveness Of All Applications
    • Working With Graphic Designers For Web Design Specifications
    • Developing And Designing Application Programming Interface (APIs)
    • Staying Up-To-Date In Programming Languages And Technologies

    When ensuring that these tasks are met, a full stack developer is able to oversee the project from conception to completion. These roles allow them to meet technical and consumer needs, making them a valuable addition to your company.

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      What Qualities Do We Look For in a Full Stack Developer?

      Qualities We Look For In A Project Manager - Ad Culture

      Motivated Mindset

      When screening full stack web developer candidates, we ensure that they have the ability to see the big picture and the vision of your business. They should be willing to perform necessary tasks to ensure proper integration.

      Full stack developer candidates should possess the following qualities:

      • A Keen Eye For Detail;
      • Organizational Skills;
      • Ensuring The Preciseness Of Codes, From Back-End To Front-End Architecture;
      • Willingness To Learn And Test New Technologies;
      • Excellent Communication Skills To Effectively Collaborate With Other Team Members;
      • The Openness To Accept Feedback; And
      • Adaptability To Changing Deadlines And Following Creative Briefs.

      We know that full stack developers should be efficient and have the initiative to ensure the responsiveness of all your applications. They should be able to point other team members in the right direction in order to come up with solutions when problems arise.

      Existing Skill Sets

      A skilled full stack developer needs to possess hands-on experience and expertise to confidently perform their tasks at hand. The technical assessment is the most crucial part when trying to hire a web developer.

      Here are some of the skills we are looking for when screening full stack web developers:


      • Python
      • PHP
      • JavaScript


      • Django
      • Laravel
      • React
      • Angular


      • MySQL

      Potential For Growth

      We know that retaining employees and giving them bigger responsibilities results in cost efficiency and an increase in productivity. Our full stack developer candidates are willing to take on the opportunity to progress to a Lead Developer position or a Project Manager role when the right time comes.

      AdCulture only finds candidates who are willing to embrace growth within the company. This is a valuable trait that should work hand-in-hand with their technical skills. This kind of mindset shows a willingness to teach other team members their expertise, further sharing the good work ethics that they already possess.

      Looking to hire remotely? Here are some tips on how to onboard remotely successfully.

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        What is the Average Salary for a Full Stack Developer?

        Average Salary For A Project Manager - Ad Culture

        The average annual salary for a full stack developer depends on their experience and the location and size of the agency. On average, it starts from $70,000 to $75,000 and can increase as their experience and responsibilities grow.

        The Average Salary Of A Developer/Programmer - Ad Culture

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          Now that you have learned the qualities that make a skilled full stack developer, let us do the work and find the best candidates for you. As experts in the digital marketing and web development industry, we understand the importance of learning your company culture. This makes us unique and more efficient compared to other recruitment agencies. Every company is different and we customize our approach to match the position you are looking to fill.

          Make the right choice for your company. Contact us today to talk to one of our team members and we will get back to you as soon as we can, so you can start your hiring process as soon as possible.

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          We’re confident we can meet your growing personnel needs. At Ad Culture we go the extra mile to hire for skills, experience, attitude, and leadership. We’re looking for intelligence, integrity, and energy.

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