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    As your media planner recruiter, we know that a media planner identifies which media platforms work best to advertise companies, brands, or products to its target audience. They work closely with advertising agencies and media buying agencies to maximize the impact of campaigns through a curated range of media platforms. These media venues include:

    • Television
    • Online/ Digital Media
    • Radio
    • Print
    • Billboards
    • Direct Mail Marketing

    In order to successfully hire a media planner or create a media planner job description, you need to distinguish key responsibilities and mention that they need to possess strategic planning qualities. Sifting through hundreds of applicants takes a lot of time and effort on your end; this is where our expertise comes in handy and we do the hard work for you.

    Our media planner recruiter experts at AdCulture create cost-efficient solutions for recruiting top-tier media planners. This is because we have years of experience in finding the best talents in the marketing industry. Being top players in the advertising industry ourselves, we have come up with an efficient screening process that determines which media planner candidates are best suited for your company and your clients.

    Digital Media Planner

    A digital media planner works exclusively on digital media platforms. A digital media planner job description usually includes negotiating and landing deals on advertising spaces across digital media platforms.

    These digital media platforms include but are not limited to:

    Digital media planners are also in charge of monitoring, optimizing, and reporting on campaign performance. They work closely with media buyers, and other members of internal departments, such as account managers, and heads of the creative team to deliver a seamless brand campaign execution.

    An in-depth understanding and knowledge of digital media marketing is a necessity for a skillful digital media planner. They should be able to monitor trends in the ever-evolving digital media landscape in order to identify the best digital opportunities for clients.

    Traditional Media Planner

    Like what the title suggests, a traditional media planner is responsible for mapping out the traditional media channels that will ensure maximum ad exposure for clients. They need to have years of experience in negotiating and dealing with traditional media companies to know the breadth of their audiences.

    These traditional platforms include, but are not limited to:

    • Radio
    • Print
    • Television
    • Billboards

    Media Planner For Digital Agency

    A media planner working for a digital agency needs to have flexibility in terms of communication skills and strategic planning, as well as time management skills to be able to deal with multiple clients with varying needs and objectives.

    They are tasked to produce media plans with corresponding budget suggestions and do relevant research to accommodate specific products or projects. A digital agency media planner also produces briefs for media buyers to carry out their advertising placement plans for each client.

    Media Planner For Small Business

    If you are a small business owner and want the right kind of exposure to expand your market reach, then you need a media planner to help you get comfortable with this profit-expanding marketing strategy.

    A small business media planner knows how to work around limited budgets and maximize them to ensure that your campaign reaches your desired demographic. They can suggest different approaches based on your vision and objectives and can use their experience to successfully land deals with different media platforms.

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      What Qualities Do We Look For in a Media Planner?

      Qualities We Look For In A Project Manager - Ad Culture

      Creative Management

      Being able to manage multiple accounts while developing creative strategies is a must for our media planner candidates. There are different creative routes and disciplines that a media planner must know to successfully develop plans for clients, such as their online and offline marketing knowledge.

      Their creative management covers a wider area of skills that give them an exceptional edge. They need to be creative in terms of learning about the world of advertising, whether it is through certifications, constant reading, or making sure that they are exposed to the latest trends and innovations.

      They also need to possess impressive social skills as they need to maintain positive working relationships with clients. They should be able to creatively answer questions a client may have about the marketing industry, in general.

      Deep Analytical Skills

      In order to successfully plan a media campaign, a media planner must be analytical to develop integrated digital or traditional media strategies. They must be able to prepare and deliver presentations and coordinate their implementation in the most cost-efficient manner.

      Other skills we look for in our media planner candidates include:

      • Strong Negotiation Skills To Purchase The Best Advertising Spaces;
      • Analytical Mindset For Campaign Metrics And Performance Reports; And
      • Eagerness To Monitor Market Trends To Identify New Opportunities.

      Strategy Planning

      Knowing how to develop and implement impressive strategies comes from many different learning experiences. Our media planner hopefuls are eager to apply their knowledge into creating the most logical strategies for clients.

      The media planner candidates we choose are also well-versed in the world of entertainment media. They should be aware of various network and show ratings, as well as trends, to be able to distinguish which ones garner the right kind of audience for their clients’ campaigns.

      We also take ample time to consider a media planner candidate’s online media knowledge. The landscape is always shifting, and they need to know which website, blogs, and social media advertising offerings are best suited for clients.

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        What is the Average Salary for a Media Planner?

        Average Salary For A Project Manager - Ad Culture

        The average salary of a media planner depends on their experience and the size and location of the company looking to hire them. An experienced media planner can earn up to $148,000 per year, while an entry-level planner can expect to earn $55,000.

        The Average Salary Of A Media Planner - Ad Culture

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