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We specialize in recruitment of advertising professionals. This helps us stay in tune with our customers and focused on the right candidates.

Customers choose us because we’re really dedicated on more than filling roles, but rather, placing pillars in their organization.

We’re hired because we take the time to vet the right candidates and set the right expectations so that the candidate gets what they want out of the employer and vice versa.

Ad Culture is a digital advertising recruitment firm located in Toronto Canada. Advertising is our specialty as our firm has work experience in advertising. You’ve found us after all!

Ad Culture is a boutique recruitment agency that specializes in placing advertising professionals in environments they’ll thrive in. The history of our company stems from digital marketing, so we know the expertise you’re looking for in your candidates. Ad Culture is your time saver so you can focus on what you know best and continue to grow your company while we find the right people for you.

We also know that companies are looking for more than just technical skills, they’re looking for a person that will work well and add value to their team.

Our process is built to be straightforward, detailed and effective. These are the 5 Steps to Ad Culture Recruitment

1. Discovery Call

We'll book a call with you to understand more about you, your company, the culture and what you're hoping to achieve with your next hire. If we are confident we can deliver that hire, we'll engage and send off our agreement.

2. Role Exploration

There's a high likelihood that we've hired for the position you're seeking, but every role is still unique based on the deliverables, team and company. We have a questionnaire that helps us cover the bases, and we prefer to do that together on a call.

3. Review Existing DataBase & Contacts

Our job is to meet great people day in and day out. We've screened and interviewed thousands of people for various roles. We meticulously organize this information for quick recall when a new position opens up.

4. Outreach and Headhunt new prospects if Necessary

Sometimes our stable of Unicorns just doesn't have what's right for the role being pursued. We'll use our connections, knowledge of the industry, and of course, LinkedIn, to start building a pool of viable candidates.

5. Candidates delivered 2-3 at a time

Even if we already know who the candidate is, we'll still take the time with every one to talk about the role, the company, the culture, expectations and opportunities. We'll also ask questions to screen to ensure you're only talking to candidates that are ready for something new and have what you're looking for.

We send over 2-3 at a time and will repeat that process until you've hired.


We like to follow up with you, and the candidate to make sure the match we all thought it was, ends up being something long-lasting and that everyone is happy with their experience. .. and when it's not, we fix it.

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We'll work with you to understand the position you're hiring for and the kind of person you're looking to place in that role.

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Looking for a new opportunity to take your career and contribution to new heights? Let's talk.

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What our customers have to say

“We were looking for someone to run our social channels with a strategy and aesthetic that resonated with our customers. It had to be someone that was already fluent, familiar and would get who we were as well as be the kind of person comfortable with coming into the office. We tried filling this role ourselves through our network in the past and it never really worked out the way we wanted. Luckily, I found Stephen at Ad Culture and left it to him to find the rockstar we knew we needed – we got sent our first candidate and there wasn’t a need for a second. Ad Culture understood us and the candidates. Hopefully, it’ll be a long time until we need another recruiter, but when we do, we know where to go. ”

David John
Jonathan Parker

“The team at Ad Culture really came through for us on a very particular need we had. We wanted to meet influencers in the fitness space that would be ambassadors, work with our clients and devote themselves full time. Seeing that they had a background in digital advertising and influencer marketing, we reached out and made it happen. Results were so good we referred them to our counterpart in the US.”

Tessa Emma
Tessa Emmanuel
The Weight Loss Clinic

“I resisted using a recruiter for a long time because of the cost, but when I calculated all the time spent in drafting the job descriptions, collecting resumes, sifting through, scheduling screening interviews, all to not find the right person, I reached out to Ad Culture and the money was well worth it. I felt Stephen really understood the kind of person we were looking for and their skiillsets.”

Jake Matzanke
Jake Matzanke
Consultus Digital
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