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Welcome to Ad Culture, the most hassle-free way to find great talent in Vancouver.

We are an advertising recruitment agency in Vancouver that does not simply focus on quickly filling vacancies, but also on getting to know every candidate thoroughly and selecting them based on your company’s culture and requirements.

The result: higher retention rates and lasting relationships.

Vancouver’s #1 Marketing Recruitment Agency

Vancouver is a major city in western Canada that houses approximately 80,000 businesses in varying sectors including advertising media agencies. This number—far from reaching its peak—is still growing. Because of this, talent acquisition has only gotten more competitive over the years.

This is precisely why you need a recruitment agency in Vancouver you can trust. Our specialized candidate acquisition knowledge allows us to find high-quality talent quickly and more efficiently. This way, you can devote your time to growing your business instead of combing the entire city just to find the right person!

Hiring? We Can Help

We all know good people are hard to find. This is especially true in media and advertising. The lack of candidates forces employers to hire people who don’t exactly fit their needs because they feel like they have no better option.

This is where Ad Culture comes in.

We are an advertising recruitment agency in Vancouver constantly on the lookout for the best people in the industry, not just in terms of talent and skills, but also in terms of character and personality. This way, you can find someone who won’t just stay for a bit but will plant their roots and grow along with the company.

Our Digital Advertising Recruitment Services

As much as we’re looking to thrill our clients with applicants that are right for them, we also want to make sure our candidates feel we’ve put them in a great position. This is why aside from recognizing skills, we also match candidates with employers with a company culture that fits their personality. By doing so, employers and employees are both able to thrive.

Our customers are always coming to us for different positions in the media and advertising industry. The positions below are some of the most common that we recruit for.


Hire Top Vancouver Talent

Why not use Vancouver advertising recruitment services instead of going through the hiring process yourself? Aside from being labour-intensive, most applicants who apply for jobs don’t really meet the skills requirements and that makes the recruitment even more gruelling.

As part of our services, we can draft job descriptions, collect and sort resumes, screen interviews, verify references, and test skills for you. Furthermore, our network, skills, knowledge, and processes allow us to locate the perfect Vancouver candidate who exactly matches your needs.

Get Hired by a Vancouver Company

We consider you more than a mere profile.

Because we understand that recruitment involves more than just skills, we hire people based on a variety of factors. We take into account who you are as well.

Many of the companies in our network need diverse talents and personalities. And one of them would be fortunate to have someone of your calibre on board. So send us your resume and we’d make doors (and windows) open for you.

Why Use Ad Culture?

We Understand Your Unique Needs

The first step to successful hiring is understanding your company’s needs. Our discovery process helps us learn about your organization’s unique needs. Through this process, we gain insights into your individual requirements so that we can recommend the best candidates to you.

We Get the Conversation Started

We will begin compiling a list of candidates based on existing relationships and our database of applications. Then, we will begin talking to candidates who might be a match.

We’ll Narrow Down Your Best Options

A member of our team will conduct an interview with each candidate to find out what their experiences and expectations are. In order to ensure we deliver candidates we would hire ourselves, we conduct a mini-project during the initial assessment. This allows us to review their working style and learn how they can contribute to your workplace culture. After that, they will be evaluated according to your needs and expectations.

We Facilitate Candidate Introductions

After we’ve chosen the best candidates, we’ll work around your schedule to set up an interview. To help you prepare any questions you might have, we will provide you with candidate profiles so you know who you will meet and what to expect.

Recruit the Right Vancouver Talent for Your Team

Talent is the lifeblood of your company—the stronger the talent, the better the future of your business. So if you want to recruit the right talent for your team, let Ad Culture help.

When it comes to recruiting, we take a unique and laser-focused approach to finding the right candidate for companies of all sizes. Our years of experience and the relationships we’ve built along the way are proof of our success.

Contact us today to learn more.