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The best digital advertisers help their clients increase their market share, achieve brand growth, and create innovative ad campaigns that encapsulate the entire brand message. In a sea of talent, finding the best can be elusive. That’s where we come in.

Ad Culture helps you “find your unicorn,” brilliant advertising professionals.

Portland’s #1 Marketing Recruitment Agency

With its proximity to the tech hubs of Seattle and San Jose, Portland is rapidly emerging as one of the hottest cities for brand development and digital advertising. The increased job prospects and the growing number of boutique advertising agencies in the city make finding—and retaining—top talent a challenge.

As Portland is an employee’s market, you need a savvy recruiter in your corner, someone who can identify top talent with the skills your agency needs to take your ad campaigns to the next level. Whether you’re lacking in the digital marketing department or need a brilliant, creative writer for content that grabs attention, our Portland advertising recruitment agency can find—and deliver—just what you need.

Hiring? We Can Help

Finding great talent in the advertising and media fields can be tricky. While there is a large pool of available workers, the truly elite “unicorns” are much rarer. Innovative thinkers can be hard to find, and identifying these creative people can be tricky. Many advertising campaigns are a team effort; therefore, truly remarkable individuals can be harder to identify.

Lack of talent may not be the problem so much as lack of the right talent for your needs. Many firms may hire someone because they have a severe need, only to realize that they haven’t hired the right person.

Ad Culture focuses solely on finding talent in the greater Portland area, or experienced, creative professionals seeking to put down roots in the city. We look for the best job seekers and those who may be seeking to leave their current company.

Our Digital Advertising Recruitment Services

The right fit in a creative marketing agency goes both ways. Employees want a company whose values align with their own, and business owners seek employees who share their vision. Ad Culture helps place candidates with companies where they would be a good fit. This, in turn, can help reduce employee turnover for our business owner-partners.

We most commonly fill positions outlined below, but the list isn’t limited to the following:


Hire Top Portland Talent

Instead of wasting company resources—and your limited time—on a tedious prospecting and hiring process, turn the search over to a professional advertising recruitment agency Portland. We help end the frustration of going through recruitment only to realize that you’ve hired a dud. We help you fill your open positions quicker and more efficiently.

Instead of spending time creating job descriptions that attract the right applicants, sifting through dozens of resumes, conducting background and reference checks, and administering skills tests, focus instead on growing your business. We handle all of these pre-employment matters for you. Then, we present a short list of suitable candidates for each of your open positions.

Get Hired by a Portland Company

When you work with Ad Culture, you’re more than just a resume to us. Our personalized approach helps job seekers like you find a position where your skills and talents can flourish. And, we know that finding the right job is more than just meeting a job description. Who you are matters, too.

Our large network of great advertising and digital marketing companies offers you plenty of opportunities, and many businesses are seeking creative personalities and diverse creatives—someone like you!

Whether you’re actively seeking employment in Portland or you’re considering your prospects, we can help. We can open doors for you that you may not have realized were there and find you the opportunity of a lifetime.

Why Use Ad Culture?

We Understand Your Unique Needs

Each company we represent is different, and our personalized approach starts with getting to know your needs and values. Our discovery process helps us bring you only the best candidates for each position, ones that can easily hit the ground running.

We Get the Conversation Started

Our process beings with compiling a list of candidates from our existing roster of the top advertising and marketing talent, using our existing relationships with job seekers. Then, we begin talking to candidates who would be a good fit.

We’ll Narrow Down Your Best Options

We shortlist candidates based on their experience and expectations for the posted position. Part of our comprehensive assessment is a mini project for each candidate to evaluate their skills and ensure that we deliver only the right fit for your business. We screen talent for you, which means you spend less time vetting appropriate candidates.

We Facilitate Candidate Introductions

Once we’ve selected the right small pool of candidates, we work with your schedule to set up a time to meet them. We provide you with a background and summary of each candidate beforehand, so you’re familiar with each one and can prepare specific questions you wish to ask. Your next step is simply picking the right person for the job.

Recruit the Right Portland Talent for Your Team

Whether you need to fill just one position or hire an entire project team, Ad Culture can find top Portland talent on your behalf. Our unique approach to recruitment and our focus on ensuring that both employer and employee find a good match is evidenced in our years of successful placement.

Get in touch with us today to learn more.