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    If your company relies on your online platforms and presence to ensure client satisfaction, then you need a skilled front end developer. A front end developer implements the visual aspects and interactive elements that users experience (UX) when visiting your web browser. They work alongside back-end developers in ensuring that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

    Trying to hire a front end developer means that you have to spend a lot of time screening through each applicant, and this can affect your productivity. Luckily, our team of front end developer recruiter at AdCulture has hired many skilled front end developers throughout the years, and we know what to look for when it comes to the specifics of this position.

    Our intensive evaluation process ensures that each candidate has the proper set of technical skills to actively perform duties assigned to them. Our recruitment services are efficient, with the goal to provide you with the best candidates so you can continue running and growing your business without any delay. At AdCulture, we take the search off your hands and do all the hard work.

    What is a Front End Developer?

    A front end developer focuses on the client-side of web development and takes care of the user experience. They make sure that the users have a seamless interaction when they visit a website through their chosen devices.

    The front end developer is the one who translates the work of the web designer and creates the codes to implement the design on the web. They ensure that the appearance of the website coincides with the brief and creates plans to maintain its user-friendliness.

    Here are more key responsibilities of a front end developer:

    • Working Closely With Web Designers And Maintaining Open Communication For Revisions;
    • Responsible For Satisfactory User Experience;
    • Focusing On The Client-Side Of The Project Development;
    • Full Comprehension Of Device Compatibility And Responsive Design; And
    • Staying On Top Of New Developments In Design And Web Trends.

    What Roles Does a Front End Developer Play?

    Using their programming and coding skills to create an aesthetically pleasing result, the front end developer links the world of web design with technology. They collect design files and convert them into HTML, JavaScript, and/or CSS codes, which are the core elements of front-end development.

    These elements include:

    • Design
    • Layout
    • Functioning Buttons
    • Navigation
    • Images And Scaling
    • Internal Links

    Another important role of a front end developer is to work with the account manager, project manager, and designer in applying solutions to successfully follow the client brief. Taking feedback and guidance from multiple stakeholders is also an important part of being a front end developer.

    In this digital age, having an attractive and navigable website is your company’s main tool for conversion, especially with the rise in mobile internet users and consumers. Canadian consumers who use their mobile devices to browse the web are expected to reach 33 million by 2025.

    You want a solid representation of your company within this developing sphere, and a front end developer’s role is to see that your website is fully functional on all kinds of devices, ensuring user satisfaction and allowing your company to perform at its best at all times.

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      What Qualities Do We Look For in a Front End Developer?

      Qualities We Look For In A Project Manager - Ad Culture

      Existing Skill Sets

      A qualified front end developer is armed with technical skills to ensure that your website or application is performing well when viewed from varying screen sizes and resolutions. They would need to ensure that the website shows up as planned in different browsers, operating systems, and devices.

      Aside from careful planning and consideration, here are some skills that we look for when screening a front end web developer:

      • Javascript, HTML, CSS
      • Frameworks (React, Angular)

      Additionally, front end developers should be able to perform the following:

      • Production And Maintenance Of Websites And Application User Interfaces;
      • Creating Tools To Enhance User Interactions In Any Browser Or Device;
      • Maintaining Software Processes And Workflow Management;
      • Learning SEO Practices; And
      • The Ability To Fix Bugs.

      Motivated Mindset

      Our screening process at AdCulture allows us to evaluate front end developer candidates and decide if they possess a motivated outlook on performing tasks.

      Our front end developer candidates have the following qualities:

      • A Keen Eye For Detail;
      • Ensuring The Preciseness Of Codes;
      • Willingness To Learn And Test New Technologies;
      • Excellent Communication Skills To Effectively Collaborate With Other Team Members;
      • The Openness To Accept Feedback; And
      • Adaptability To Changing Deadlines And Following Creative Briefs.

      Through our experiences as a recruitment agency in the marketing industry, we understand that aside from bearing technical abilities, front end developers need to possess certain personality traits that would make them more efficient in their roles. They tend to be inquisitive, introspective, analytical, methodical, and rational. Creativity also comes into play, as they need to understand the vision of the designer and translate it into what a developer can do.

      Potential For Growth

      At AdCulture, we select candidates that are willing to take on bigger responsibilities after progressing through their initial employment stage.

      We understand the importance of retaining high-performing employees to save costs and training expenses, which is why we only select the best candidates for your company. We do our best to find qualified candidates who are open to taking on project management roles within your company or agency.

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        What is the Average Salary for a Front End Developer?

        Average Salary For A Project Manager - Ad Culture

        While the salary truly depends on the experience of the candidate and the location of the company, the average salary for an intermediate front-end developer is around $60,000. This can change yearly depending on the progress and continuing demand for this kind of position.

        The Average Salary Of A Front End Developer - Ad Culture

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          Now that you have learned the qualities that make a skilled front end developer, let us select the best candidates for the position so you can start your hiring process. We are experts in the digital marketing industry and we take time to learn your company culture, which makes us unique compared to other recruitment agencies.

          Every company is different and we customize our approach to match the position you are looking to fill. Contact us today to talk to one of our team members and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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          We have found that hiring always means that your teams are even busier because they’re handling their workload while getting a new member onboarded. There is a lot of time and training in any onboarding process, so it’s important that time is spent on the right person. That’s why we take the time and care, paired with our expertise in advertising, to bring forward candidates that will find their feet faster and contribute sooner.

          We’re confident we can meet your growing personnel needs. At Ad Culture we go the extra mile to hire for skills, experience, attitude, and leadership. We’re looking for intelligence, integrity, and energy.

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