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Somewhere in the world, there is a unicorn marketer with phenomenal skills who can take your brand awareness to unimaginable heights. This talented individual is everything you are looking for – and there they are, just waiting to be found. But what if your paths never cross?

Ensure that you never miss out on connecting with the most extraordinary marketers. The search for your next potential hires becomes a trouble-free process with Ad Culture.

Sifting through hundreds of applications, sending out just as many emails, and conducting interviews – that’s a lot of hard work on your part as you manage your business simultaneously. However, you don’t need to slide down the rainbow all alone just to find the perfect candidate.

Leave it all up to the expert marketing recruiters at Ad Culture to find that unicorn marketer for you.

With years of successful experience in finding top-level talents to fill the positions that companies look for, we’ve become among the leading marketing recruiters in Toronto. Whether you’re looking for a traditional, digital, or full-stack marketer who can develop and execute strategies to promote your brands, products, and services – finding your next rockstar hire starts right here.

Traditional Marketer

We may be living in a digital era, but traditional marketing is still a vital element when it comes to connecting with your target audience. Not everyone is focused on a screen 24/7, and when eyes shift away from the digital world, it is traditional media that entices and captivates.

Newspapers, newsletters, magazines, radio broadcasts, brochures, direct mail, billboards, and mobile marketing vehicles are all effective means to build brand awareness.

By hiring an innovative traditional marketer through Ad Culture, you can treat your target audience to an experience unlike any other. We’ll connect you with candidates who can inspire the crowds to rest their eyes from the blue light and turn their attention towards quality marketing in the real world.

Digital Marketer

One of the biggest challenges for any brand is elevating their online presence. The digital world is oversaturated with marketing messages and advertisements. To stand out on these busy platforms, you’re going to need the skills of an exceptional digital marketer.

When it’s about leveraging digital channels to generate leads and amplify brand awareness, these professionals have the know-how. Ad Culture is here to help you recruit the best of the best in this particular field.

Full-Stack Marketer

Usually highly sought-after by start-up companies, full-stack marketers have vast knowledge in the various “stacks” of the marketing industry. From SEO and content creation to campaign and social media management, these individuals have got you covered.

While they generally aren’t considered the “ultimate experts” in all of these fields, the demand for full-stack marketers continues to rise as they offer an incredible amount of flexibility. Unlike traditional and digital marketers who have mastered their particular trade, full-stack marketers are more like the jack-of-all-trades.

New companies usually start out with a smaller team capable of taking on a handful of diverse tasks, which points towards full-stack marketers as the most cost-effective option.

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What Qualities Do We Look For in a Marketer?

Excellent Spoken & Written Communication Skills

Marketing is all about connecting with your target audience in a manner so remarkable it will inspire them to engage with your brand. Excellent spoken and communication skills are essential to making this connection happen. Count on our team of marketing recruiters to find individuals who have a touch of magic whenever they communicate.

Strong Organizational & Planning Capabilities

From the development to the execution stage of campaigns, marketers are the hands-on geniuses who make it happen. To succeed at all of these tasks, strong organizational and planning capabilities need to be a part of their skillset.

Leadership Qualities

Marketers take the lead as they guide you in the journey towards reaching your key demographic. As a top marketing recruiter, Ad Culture never fails to find top-level talent who lead with competence, confidence, and compassion.

Ability to Thrive in a Fast-Paced Environment

The marketing industry is an ever-changing landscape. We don’t just look for professionals who can merely keep up; we search for the ones who can put your brand ahead of the rest. In this fast-paced environment, we’ll connect you with the marketers who always know how to keep your brand moving in the right directionforward.

What is the Average Salary for a Marketer?

The average salary for a marketer depends entirely on their certifications, experience, and the location of the company they are employed by.

Marketing Salary - Ad Culture

Individuals with more extensive experience typically earn around $70,000 to $90,000 annually. For those in entry-level positions, starting salaries usually range from $40,000 to $70,000 per year.

Hire Your Next Marketer Through Ad Culture

We’ve built a name as a top recruiting marketer because of our stand-out strategies in finding the perfect candidate. The experts at AdCulture recognize the top qualities that marketers should embody in order to succeed. Businesses trust us because we have this all figured out.

Are you ready to start finding your next unicorn marketer? Sit back, relax, and let the top marketing recruiter in Toronto kickstart the hiring process for you!

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