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    Account managers act as the main point of contact from the client’s end to your company. A reliable account manager should be able to demonstrate resilience when dealing with the varying needs of your clients and other members of your team.

    Additionally, they should be willing to relay requests, briefs, and ensure that deliverables are met accordingly. At the same time, an account manager should be able to maintain good relationships with colleagues to inspire amicable exchanges in the workplace. Speak with our Account Manager Recruiter today.

    At AdCulture, we value and ensure top-level talent for the marketing industry. We have years of experience sourcing the best talent which plays a critical part in elevating businesses and brands. Our account manager candidates possess the right set of skills to look after client relationships and establish them to maintain accounts.

    Work From Home Account Manager

    The current state of the digital age has allowed us the ability to work from anywhere to get our tasks done. Our recruitment agency connects talented and experienced marketing account management professionals who are fully adapted to performing their core functions while working from home.

    Account Manager For Digital Agency

    The client capacity of account managers varies depending on the needs and size of the account. There are account managers who can manage one big client and there are account managers who take on dozens of smaller accounts. While it depends on what the needs of your agency are, our competent professionals can meet these requirements.

    Account Manager For Small Businesses

    There are specific skills that account managers for small businesses need to possess in order to effectively perform tasks in a more personal manner. In the case of small businesses, the account manager deals directly with the owners through an empathetic manner so all performance needs are met.

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      What Qualities Do We Look For in an Account Manager?

      Qualities We Look For In A Project Manager - Ad Culture

      A decorated resume is not the only thing that makes a good account manager. Being able to adapt to your company’s requirements and taking the time to nurture client relationships are strong characteristics to start with.

      Here are more qualities that we always look for in account manager candidates.

      Company Culture Fit

      While account managers should be carefully selected to match the type of clients you work with, they should also have an understanding of your company culture. They should be able to work with the rest of the existing team in a harmonious and positive manner.

      To ensure that our account manager hopefuls are fully adaptable to different kinds of working environments, we are always in search of personable, prompt, motivated, and high-energy candidates.

      Highly Skilled Professionals

      Different account managers will have different ramp-up times to use their current skills and to be able to learn new abilities to properly support your clients’ demands. Different companies have different needs, and it is important to us to place the right candidate who will be able to carry the load that you require.

      Highly skilled account managers are expected to hold a wide range of valuable information to understand not only the clients’ needs, but also to apply different marketing strategies and business goals.

      Retaining the satisfaction of your clients through the work of your account manager protects your company’s revenue stream and allows your company to remain competitive. Our deserving candidates have the potential to increase client retention and protect valuable relationships that you have worked hard for.

      Highly skilled account managers can have the capacity to:

      • Understand Your Target Market So The Rest Of The Team Can Effectively Translate It To Their Work;
      • Build Trusted Relationships With Clients That Lead To Greater Satisfaction And Recommendations To Other Potential Clients; And
      • Relay Succinct Information To Team Members In Manners That Are Easy To Understand

      Task Management

      Digital marketing programs and campaigns entail many different elements that need to work together in harmony. A good account manager needs to be organized and keep track of the different initiatives at play. They need to be able to work with a variety of people to execute communication tasks that involve the delivery of timely information and status updates.

      Some of the most important characteristics and tasks of a skilled account manager are:

      • Manages Project Status Efficiently;
      • Gathers Required Internal And External Resources To Address Client-Specific Needs;
      • Keeps The Creative Team Well Informed Regarding Briefs To Ensure Client Satisfaction;
      • Ensures Resolution Of Potential Concerns That Could Impact Client Relationships; And
      • Flexibility And Willingness To Adjust To Varying Deadlines.

      AdCulture fully understands that these tasks need to be met by an account manager at all times, which is why we take time to carefully screen our candidates.

      Looking to hire a remote worker? Check out some top tips on how to onboard remotely here.

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        What is the Average Salary for an Account Manager?

        Average Salary For A Project Manager - Ad Culture

        The average salary of an account manager will vary based on their experience and the city they choose to work in. The more experience they possess and the more competitive the marketplace is, the higher the salary would be.

        An intermediate-level account manager will command a salary of $55,000 to $75,000 per year and is often accompanied by a bonus structure. Our candidates belong to different levels of experience, which is why we are fully capable of recommending the right fit for your company, based on your specific preferences and location.

        The Average Salary Of An Account Manager - Ad Culture

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          Now that you have learned the qualities that make a skilled account manager, let us pick the best candidates for the position you’re looking to fill. We pride ourselves as experts in the marketing industry, which makes us unique compared to other recruitment agencies.

          Every company is different and we customize our approach to each job search. All you have to do is to provide us your company profile and general specifics that coincide with your employee hunt. Contact us today to talk to one of our team members and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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          We have found that hiring always means that your teams are even busier because they’re handling their workload while getting a new member onboarded. There is a lot of time and training in any onboarding process, so it’s important that time is spent on the right person. That’s why we take the time and care, paired with our expertise in advertising, to bring forward candidates that will find their feet faster and contribute sooner.

          We’re confident we can meet your growing personnel needs. At Ad Culture we go the extra mile to hire for skills, experience, attitude, and leadership. We’re looking for intelligence, integrity, and energy.

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