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    A project manager is responsible for planning, monitoring, and leading projects from conceptualization to the completion stage. This is a senior role at any organization, and entails multi-channel interaction with different internal and external stakeholders.

    A Project Manager Recruiter knows that a skilled project manager needs to be a powerful multi-tasker, with the ability to communicate and keep clients organized while liaising and getting the best out of their team members. In short, a project manager is the main cog within an organization to get big and complex tasks rolling, and ultimately, finished in a timely manner.

    If you’re looking to hire a project manager, AdCulture can help you find the perfect candidate who understands the importance of a great quarterback. We know how to spot versatile leaders from a mass of applicants. Throughout the years, we have successfully placed project managers for different firms and agencies, and we can do the same for your organization.

    Project Manager For Digital Agency

    When trying to hire a project manager for a digital agency, there are some key responsibilities we look for. They will be responsible for tasks such as:

    • Website Or Application Development
    • Product Development
    • Marketing Services Setups (SEO On-Page Setup, Google Ads Campaign Build, Social Media Marketing)

    Project managers for digital agencies handle a company’s, or the clients’ online marketing strategies. They are in charge of overseeing the details of the campaign and ensuring that everything is within budget. They also need to identify risks and provide solutions in the form of drawing up support documents and write detailed plans and reports.

    Wanting to hire a project manager for your company also means that there is an expectation to be met, and we understand that you need tech-savvy candidates with an in-depth understanding of how technology can help your clients achieve their business objectives. This is where our expertise comes in handy, as we pride ourselves as experts in the headhunting game for the digital marketing industry.

    Project Manager For Small Business

    A project manager is key personnel for small businesses to oversee scope, schedules, finances, risks, quality, and resources. They are tasked to communicate with staff members, clients, and make decisions in order to keep projects running on schedule.

    Important duties of a project manager for small businesses include:

    • Creating Long-Term And Short-Term Plans, Which Include Targets And Deadlines
    • Serving As The Point Of Contact For Teams When Multiple Units Are Assigned To The Same Project
    • Ensuring Synergy Between All Team Members Involved In The Project
    • Ensuring Clear Communication With Company Executives To Keep Projects Aligned With Goals And Deadlines
    • Performing Quality Checks On Project Specifics

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      What Qualities Do We Look For in a Project Manager?

      Qualities We Look For In A Project Manager - Ad Culture

      At AdCulture, our Project Manager Recruiter always looks for top-quality talents based on their success and years of experience in handling projects. We understand that in order to successfully hire a project manager, we look for candidates who possess soft and hard skills to lead and manage teams, projects, and most importantly, deliver on time.

      Resourceful Leader

      A project manager is a senior position, and because of this, we only select those who possess flexible leadership skills. We are looking for leaders who will not just deliver the completion of quality projects, but who will also oversee the wellbeing of their team members to ensure that everyone is working in harmony.

      Other leadership traits that we look for in project managers include:

      • Ability To Make Important Decisions Under Pressure;
      • Excellent Interpersonal And Communication Skills;
      • Excellent Problem-Solving Skills; And
      • Willingness To Learn The Latest Marketing Trends And Passing The Knowledge On To Key Members Of The Team.

      Time Management

      One of the most important traits we look for in project managers is their time management. We understand that in today’s fast-paced work environment, an efficient project manager needs to be prompt and concise when delivering projects to key stakeholders.

      Here are more time management skills that we look for in each project manager candidate:

      • Ability To Set Clear And Achievable Priorities;
      • Adjust Schedules On The Project As Needed;
      • Properly Delegate Tasks To Achieve Maximum Efficiency And Productivity For Each Team Member; And
      • Ability To Check In On Team Members And Motivate Them To Finish Tasks On Time.

      Planners & Schedulers

      Planning and scheduling are the yin and yang of project management. Our screening process allows us to determine which candidates can handle these two distinct tasks in a successful manner. Planning deals with selecting appropriate policies or procedures in order to achieve the goals of the project, while scheduling provides the action plans for scope, time cost, and quality into an achievable timetable.

      Looking to hire someone remotely? Here are some tips on how to onboard successfully.

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        What is the Average Salary for a Project Manager?

        Average Salary For A Project Manager - Ad Culture

        To hire a project manager that possesses all the skills that your company needs, you would need to know how much they expect to be paid. The salary of a project manager depends on the level of expertise and size and location of the company. On average, a project manager’s salary can expect to turn in $71,500 at minimum. More experienced project managers expect to receive an average of $216,000 per year.

        The Average Salary Of A Project Manager - Ad Culture

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          Now that you have learned the qualities that make a skilled project manager, let us pick the deserving candidates for the position. We are experts in the marketing industry, which makes us unique compared to other recruitment agencies.

          Every company is different and we customize our approach to each job search. All you have to do is to provide our Project Manager Recruiter with your company profile and general specifics that coincide with your employee hunt. Contact us today to talk to one of our team members and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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          Grow Your Team With Us!

          We have found that hiring always means that your teams are even busier because they’re handling their workload while getting a new member onboarded. There is a lot of time and training in any onboarding process, so it’s important that time is spent on the right person. That’s why we take the time and care, paired with our expertise in advertising, to bring forward candidates that will find their feet faster and contribute sooner.

          We’re confident we can meet your growing personnel needs. At Ad Culture we go the extra mile to hire for skills, experience, attitude, and leadership. We’re looking for intelligence, integrity, and energy.

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