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    Having a good marketing manager is an important component of your company’s success. Whether you’re running a business online or offline, you need a marketing manager to lead the direction of your brand and dictate how you communicate with your consumers.

    When publishing a marketing manager job description, you’ll probably receive hundreds of applications. Sifting through each one can take months to complete, and the best candidates are can get lost in the shuffle. It takes a lot of time to reply to emails, interview and get to know the skills of the candidates.

    As arduous as it sounds, this is what we love doing. We consider ourselves marketing manager recruiter experts in finding the best talent in the marketing industry. We have years of successful experience in finding the top-level talents to fill the positions you’re looking for. In our line of business, finding a highly skilled and dynamic marketing manager is considered our specialty. You can put your absolute trust in us to recommend candidates who possess the right mix of skills you’re looking for.

    Digital Marketing Manager

    The digital marketing manager’s main role is to manage digital marketing campaigns to promote the company and its products or services. It is a major role in improving brand awareness within the digital space.

    They must be able to understand the company’s mission and vision, and translate it to relatable campaigns that are launched within the digital realm. If you want your company to have a solid representation in the social media sphere, then you need a skilled digital marketing manager to make this happen.

    Here is a more specific breakdown of a digital marketing manager job description:

    • Managing, Guiding, And Training Other Members Of The Digital Marketing Team
    • Implementing Digital Marketing Strategies And Overseeing Progress
    • Specifying Target Goals For Campaigns

    Traditional Marketing Manager

    A traditional marketing manager job description includes coordinating the marketing and creative staff, and liaising with media organizations and advertising agencies to improve the company’s brand awareness. They must be willing to lead market research efforts to assess the needs of the company in order to be successful in the market.

    Traditional marketing managers are experts in offline marketing. They focus on building more exposure through physically tangible forms of promotion, such as billboards, signs, television advertisements, and print media. They know what works in this advertising sphere, and their main focus is to improve visibility for the company and for their products and services.

    Marketing Manager For Digital Agency

    A marketing manager for a digital agency develops, implements, and oversees the marketing strategies for an agency’s clients. They should be a master in using all digital marketing tools to efficiently track the progress of each strategy for every client the agency has.

    The main challenge of working as a marketing manager for clients existing in the digital realm is its highly saturated and high competitive nature. Because of this, a digital marketing manager needs to always exhibit strategic thinking so the team’s efforts are always one step ahead.

    A marketing manager for a digital agency should be able to:

    • Lead, Develop, And Strategize Email Marketing Campaigns
    • Possess In-Depth Knowledge Of Paid Social Media Advertising
    • Mastery Of Social Media Marketing And Learning Its Latest Trends
    • Understand Data And How To Use It To The Clients’ Advantage
    • Propose Ways To Drive Website Traffic
    • Acquire Leads And Customers
    • Have A Good Knowledge Of Best SEO Practices
    • Conceptualize Marketing Strategies And Monitor Progress
    • Successfully Communicate With Key Stakeholders And Other Team Heads

    Marketing Manager For Small Business

    For a small business, the marketing manager job description is limited to the tasks that can increase brand awareness locally, and potentially to nearby areas as well. They should have enough knowledge on how to handle small businesses and respect its core values while applying their advanced marketing skills.

    An example of a scenario would be an independently owned company trying to sell products to a wider audience. It is the marketing manager’s job to propose a marketing strategy within the business’ budget range and willingness to promote their products or services, whether online or offline. After that proposal has been approved, the marketing manager is now tasked to implement it and monitor its progress to hit certain goals.

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      What Qualities Do We Look For in a Marketing Manager?

      Qualities We Look For In A Project Manager - Ad Culture


      A marketing manager job description is not complete without mentioning that the ideal candidate should always have a motivated mindset. This motivation is a marketing manager’s driving force to develop and implement the best strategies and make sure that it gives nothing but positive results.

      Creativity is also an important trait we look for in all of our candidates. An effective marketing manager should have a creative mind in order to come up with strategic plans that will satisfy the company, its clients, and the consumers. They must place marketing projects in upward motion while ensuring the highest level of creativity.

      Having good people skills is also important, as communication is a major element of a marketing manager job description. They should be able to handle their team in a professional-yet-friendly manner and remain pleasing to clients at all times. When looking for candidates, we make sure to take into account their personality so you can ensure a successful company culture fit.

      We are looking for marketing managers who are:

      • Driven To Learn New Marketing Trends
      • Test Out Different Strategies To Find The Best Solution
      • Openness To Train Other Members Of The Marketing Team
      • Analytical When It Comes To Problem Solving And Conceptualizing
      • Always Willing To Learn New Things To Improve
      • Willing To Adapt To Shifting Deadlines And Briefs
      • In Control Of Their Time Management Skills
      • Highly Responsible In Creating Marketing Progress Reports For Key Stakeholders

      Existing Skill Sets

      There are a lot of marketing managers trying to land jobs, but only a few of them actually possess the right set of skills to effectively become one. We always scout for marketing manager candidates who are backed with impressive, encompassing portfolios to ensure that they can handle a wide range of marketing tasks effectively.

      We look for candidates who have proof that they excel in the marketing industry with the right set of certifications that your company requires.

      Here are more skills that we place in our marketing manager job description:

      • Strong Leadership Skills
      • Certification In Marketing Management-Related Courses
      • Understanding Of All Paid Social Media Advertising Platforms
      • Excellent Social Media Marketing Management Skills
      • Website Management
      • PR And Corporate Communication Skills
      • Versed In Copywriting And Content Creation Practices And Techniques
      • Understanding Of Data Analytics
      • Understanding Of All Social Media Channels
      • Understanding Marketing Budget Limitations And Implementing Cost-Cutting Strategies

      Potential For Growth

      At AdCulture, we understand the value of employees who can take on bigger responsibilities in the future. We will make sure to only recommend candidates who are ambitious enough to see growth within the company.

      Looking to hire a marketing manager remotely? Here are some tips on how to onboard remotely.

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        What is the Average Salary for a Marketing Manager?

        Average Salary For A Project Manager - Ad Culture

        The average annual salary for marketing managers depends on their level of experience, certifications, and the location of the company they are working for. On average, an experienced marketing manager can earn anywhere from $90,000 to $150,000 per year, while entry-level positions can earn between $60,000 to $70,000.

        Salary Camparison By Experience, Marketing Manager - Ad Culture

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