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    A graphic designer brings visual concepts to life using software, or in some cases, by hand, in order to captivate consumers. They develop production design layouts for applications and collateral, such as online brochures and advertisements. A graphic designer is highly creative and has an open mind to understand brand guidelines and how to work within them. At the same time, they need to have the flexibility to adjust their work based on the feedback they get from key stakeholders.

    If you are looking to hire a graphic designer in Toronto, AdCulture can help you select the right candidate. Our graphic designer recruiter is here to help.

    In a nutshell, a graphic designer is your company’s creative powerhouse. Selecting the perfect fit for your business and ensuring their consistent efficacy could be an arduous task. Their creativity needs to be matched with their technical abilities to manipulate their work in software and design studios.

    We have noteworthy experience in recruiting and hiring creatives for the marketing industry, and we pride ourselves as experts in this field. By working closely with us, your company will save time and money in trying to pick the best ones out of thousands of hopefuls. Most importantly, you will have peace of mind that you will only come into contact with candidates that deserve your time.

    Digital Graphic Designer

    A digital graphic designer is responsible for creating social media collateral that is highly visual and engaging. These include:

    • Instagram And Facebook Ads And Stories
    • Mobile Applications
    • Video Games And Interactive Displays
    • LinkedIn Profiles And Graphics
    • Creation Of Web Assets

    Additionally, a digital graphic designer needs to understand AODA accessibility. AODA stands for “Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act,” meaning that the graphic designer must be willing to adjust their work to accommodate all users. They should also be able to determine key points of contact, such as calls to action, and how to include them on digital materials.

    Graphic Designer Advertising

    A graphic designer working for advertising agencies is tasked to create visual communications to convey copy or messages in an aesthetically pleasing way. The types of material they are expected to design are:

    • Web Pages
    • Brochures
    • Logos
    • Signs
    • Books
    • Magazine Covers
    • Annual Reports
    • All Kinds Of Online And Offline Advertisements
    • All Kinds Of Communication Materials

    With that being said, an advertising agency graphic designer does not limit their work to social media ads and print ads. They should possess the ability to expand and create other types of brand-related materials to effectively send the campaign’s message across.

    Graphic Designer For Digital Agency

    The main role of a graphic designer working for a digital agency is to come up with digital assets for multimedia and graphics-oriented projects. Some work exclusively on digital projects, while others also work on print collateral.

    Some of the project types include:

    • Graphics For Websites
    • Graphics For Mobile Applications
    • Advertising
    • Animation
    • Graphics For Emails And Social Media
    • Graphics For Interactive Displays

    Aside from efficiently carrying out these design responsibilities, they should have experience working with different kinds of slide decks and have the willingness to work with key stakeholders on various deliverables, such as PR projects and websites.

    Graphic Designer For Small Business

    If you identify your organization as a small business, then hiring an efficient graphic designer is a strong need in order to fulfill your deliverables. Aside from design duties, your graphic designer should be able to understand and interpret detailed brand guidelines, from the conceptualization process to the creation and integration.

    In order to eliminate the need to hire more employees from your company’s end, a small business graphic designer needs to have a full range of experience across different mediums, graphic design, web design, and motion design. He or she should be able to address issues covering wider areas of design responsibilities. In short, a small business graphic designer needs to be a jack of all design trades and a master of them all.

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      What Qualities Do We Look For in a Graphic Designer?

      Qualities We Look For In A Project Manager - Ad Culture

      Broad Creativity

      One of the most important qualities that we look for when we hire a graphic designer is their flexible creativity. Because of our experience in hiring graphic designers for different industries, we make sure that our candidates know how to materialize and translate different brand messaging into visuals.

      Aside from having the natural ability to create beautiful designs, they should also have a broad understanding of design trends that work for each client. They should be able to adapt their unique skills to make each project an aesthetic success across all platforms.

      At AdCulture, we make sure that our graphic designer candidates are backed with impressive portfolios that show their work for a wide range of clients, markets, and demographics. We look for individuals that can successfully merge their creativity with critical thinking as they need to constantly convey ideas through text and image while creating visual solutions.

      Here are more creative qualities we look for in our candidates:

      • A Deep Understanding Of Key Graphic Design Fundamentals
      • Good Time Management Skills
      • Staying On Top Of Design Trends And New Techniques
      • Understanding The Different Visual Preferences Of Users
      • Staying On Top Of Brand Guidelines
      • Initiative To Make Improvements On Design Decisions
      • Active Participation In Brainstorming Sessions
      • An Understanding Of Typography And How It Works To Convey Messages

      Software Knowledge

      A skilled graphic designer is armed with an impressive set of technical skills that allow them to be comfortable and efficient with many kinds of design software. Aside from their software knowledge, they should be fluent in multiple programming languages (HTML, CSS) and content management system platforms (WordPress, etc.) in order to be involved in web development.

      At AdCulture, we only consider graphic designer candidates who are experts in:

      • Adobe Creative Suite
      • Adobe Acrobat
      • Adobe Flash
      • Adobe Illustrator
      • Adobe InDesign
      • Adobe Photoshop
      • Web Design Software:
      • Sketch
      • Figma
      • Invision
      • XD
      • 3D Design Software
      • Cinema 4
      • Sketch Up

      Openness To Feedback

      A strong trait of a graphic designer is their ability to take in feedback and use it to strengthen their work. They should be willing to take ideas from their colleagues as well as other designers, IT experts, and content writers, from concept to execution to deliver the best user experience.

      Most importantly, a good graphic designer is open to receiving feedback from a variety of key stakeholders to ensure client satisfaction. This kind of mindset protects your accounts and keeps your business running smoothly. Our graphic designer recruiter assesses candidates’ ability to accept feedback and continue to build on their creativity as by their employer or clients.

      Looking to hire a remote graphic designer? Learn about remote onboarding best practices here.

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        What is the Average Salary for a Graphic Designer?

        Average Salary For A Project Manager - Ad Culture

        The salary of a graphic designer depends on the level of experience and the location of the workplace. On average, an adequately experienced graphic designer in Canada typically earns between $75,000 to $120,000 per year.

        Salary Camparison By Experience, Graphic Designer - Ad Culture

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