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5 Recruitment Myths and Misconceptions Debunked

4 min read | Dec 21, 2023
 Marta Gongos- Ad Culture By Marta Gongos

Hiring talent involves more than just posting a job ad and calling it a day.

Hiring strategy is complicated, and getting the right people in the right seats involves a lot of moving parts. As such, many companies look for outside help… or at least they would if they weren’t discouraged by the myths surrounding working with recruiters.

Recruiters are your friend, plain and simple. We’re going to debunk five recruitment myths to prove that to you in this blog—buckle up!

Myth #1: Recruiters Just Post Job Openings

One of the most common myths about working with recruiters is that their sole responsibility is to just post open positions to job boards on your behalf and then sit back and relax. In actuality, the scope of their responsibilities can include:

  • Candidate sourcing
  • Screening and shortlisting
  • Interviewing and assessing
  • Reference checking
  • Offer negotiation

While it may look like a simple job, being a successful recruiter requires knowledge of people management and the current job market trends. Recruitment agencies also know the ins and outs of hiring and have built networks of helpful contacts. So, while recruiters do spend time posting job ads, they also do so much more. If this recruiting myth were true, staffing wouldn’t be such a booming industry!

Recruitment Agencies Only Focus On Technical Skills - Ad Culture

Myth #2: Recruitment Agencies Only Focus on Technical Skills

Another misconception is that recruitment agencies prioritize technical skills over soft skills. In truth, agencies understand the importance of a well-rounded candidate. They assess not only technical proficiency but also interpersonal skills, cultural fit, and adaptability, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of candidates for a holistic hiring approach.

Myth #3: Only Large Companies Need Recruitment Agencies 

Contrary to popular belief, recruitment agencies are not exclusive to large corporations.

Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from outsourcing their hiring process. Recruitment agencies provide expertise and access to a wider talent pool, as well as streamline the hiring process, saving valuable time and resources for businesses of all sizes.

Myth #4: Using Recruitment Agencies Is a Sign of Weak Internal HR

Some perceive outsourcing recruitment to agencies as a sign of weak internal HR processes. On the contrary, partnering with a recruitment agency complements internal efforts!

It allows HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives, while agencies handle the time-consuming aspects of sourcing, screening, and presenting qualified candidates, leading to a more efficient overall hiring process.

Here’s how recruitment agencies actually work:

  • You set the expectations
  • You set the metrics on which to judge candidates
  • You get the final say on all decisions

A recruiter’s job is to streamline the process of filling open positions, not overrule the hiring manager when it comes time to make important choices.

Using Recruitment Agencies Is A Sign Of Weak Internal HR - Ad Culture

Myth #5: Recruitment Agencies Are Expensive

Many believe that using a recruitment agency in Toronto is a costly investment. However, when considering the time saved, improved candidate quality, and reduced risk of a bad hire, the overall cost-effectiveness becomes evident.

Agencies often work on a contingency or fixed-fee basis, providing transparent and predictable costs for their services. Recruitment firms are running a business, but they respect that you are too.

Elevate Your Hiring Process with Ad Culture

Debunking these common recruitment myths sheds light on the valuable role these agencies play in Toronto’s dynamic job market.

Hiring managers at small and large businesses alike can benefit from their services, particularly from the flexibility they bring to the recruitment process. From assessing passive candidates to active job seekers, they bring a comprehensive approach to any hiring strategy that may be lacking within your organization.

Ad Culture is actively debunking myths about working with recruiters by implementing tried-and-tested methods for finding and retaining top talent. As one of the top recruitment firms in Toronto, our pool of active candidates may just include the “unicorn” you’ve been looking for!

Don’t fall for hiring myths and contact us today to fill your open positions.

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