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The Growing Importance of Company Culture and How to Cultivate It

5 min read | Nov 16, 2023
 Stephen Pedder- Ad Culture By Stephen Pedder

Company culture is like the soil that nurtures the growth of a business.

A strong one can foster innovation, collaboration, and loyalty, while a weak or toxic one can hinder performance, morale, and retention.

The importance of company culture is also observed in its impact on attracting top talent. Just look at the data: 46% of job seekers have stated that they consider it a significant factor when choosing where to apply.

In this article, we’ll discuss what corporate company culture is, why it’s important, and how to create and maintain it in your organization. Let’s get started!

What Is Company Culture?

Company culture is the set of shared core values, beliefs, and behaviours that define how a company operates. It influences how employees communicate, collaborate, perform, grow, and, most of all, how they feel about their work and employer.

Corporate company culture also affects many aspects of a company’s performance including productivity, customer satisfaction, innovation, and employee retention.

The Importance of Company Culture

A strong company culture isn’t just nice to have—it’s a competitive advantage that can make or break an organization. Not only does it attract talent and promote employee engagement, it’s also a driver of business success.

It has been found that companies who crack the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® list outperform the market by a factor of 3.36. Companies with a strong organizational culture are also 89% more likely to report high customer satisfaction.

The long and the short of it is that a company’s culture is hugely predictive of its success, meaning you certainly can’t afford to overlook yours!

The Importance Of Company Culture - Ad Culture

Company Culture Examples

Now that we’ve established the importance of corporate company culture, let’s take a look at some examples of how this translates into the workplace:

Collaborative Culture

In a collaborative culture, teamwork is key. People work together to generate new ideas and solve problems. It’s commonly found in industries like technology, marketing, and research and development where innovation and collective input are highly valued.

Customer-focused Culture

In a customer-focused culture, the main goal is to make customers happy. It’s great for building customer loyalty and is often cultivated in retail, hospitality, and service-based sectors.

Adhocracy Culture

An adhocracy culture has a dynamic atmosphere that encourages innovative ideas but can sometimes feel chaotic without a clear plan. Start-ups, creative industries, and tech innovators thrive when they adopt this kind of corporate company culture.

Results-Oriented Culture

A results-oriented culture is all about getting things done. It strongly pushes for the organization’s success, but it could also create a high-pressure environment. Best seen in sales, project management, and fast-paced environments.

Purpose-Driven Culture

In a purpose-driven culture, everyone rallies around a shared mission. You’ll see this often in non-profits or companies driven by a strong environmental or social purpose.

Supportive Culture

In a supportive culture, people looking out for each other is a priority. It makes employees happy and creates a positive and collaborative work atmosphere. Often seen in industries like healthcare, non-profit organizations, and education.

Traditionalist Culture

Companies that value stability often subscribe to a traditionalist culture which can make employees feel a sense of security with its emphasis on established practices. Common in banking, legal, and established corporations.

Role-Oriented Culture

A role-oriented corporate company culture values clear responsibilities. You’ll see this often in manufacturing companies and traditional corporations.

Strong Leadership Culture

A strong leadership culture places a premium on decisive leaders—major points for adding clear direction for the team. The military, large corporations, and government agencies often cultivate this kind of culture.

Market Culture

A market culture is all about competition and success, driving results while maintaining a keen focus on market objectives. Best seen in sales, advertising, and competitive markets.

Clan Culture

A clan culture feels like a big family and is great for both employee retention and employee satisfaction. Teamwork is highly encouraged, and it’s often prevalent in small businesses, family-owned enterprises, and start-ups.

Hierarchy Culture

A hierarchy culture thrives on structure and clear roles. Commonly found in government agencies, large corporations, and bureaucratic organizations, this culture ensures a clear chain of command and well-defined responsibilities.

Hierarchy Culture - Ad Culture

Tips for Building Your Company Culture

Creating and maintaining a positive company culture isn’t easy. Whether you want to align yours with any of the ones we listed or cultivate one that combines elements from several, here are some recommendations to follow:

  • Define your company’s values and mission statement
  • Communicate your company values and mission clearly
  • Hire people who fit your organization’s values and existing culture
  • Train and develop your leadership team internally
  • Adopt workplace diversity and inclusion best practices
  • Encourage employee feedback and involvement
  • Promote teamwork and collaboration
  • Support work-life balance

Improve Company Culture With Better Recruitment

Now that you understand the importance of company culture, it’s time to start cultivating yours by recruiting the right people.

Ad Culture is a leading recruitment agency in Toronto that connects employers with the best talent in marketing, communications, and advertising. We help you find the “unicorns” that will contribute not just to increased productivity, but also to a strong company culture.

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