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8 Exit Interview Questions to Ask Employees

5 min read | Feb 23, 2023
 Marta Gongos- Ad Culture By Marta Gongos

The Great Resignation isn’t quite over yet. While no employers like to see their employees resign from their positions, the reality is that people leave their jobs to pursue better opportunities every single day.

Seeing your employees leave is never easy, but asking the right exit interview questions gives you an opportunity to improve your organization for current and future employees.

You’re well aware of the onboarding process; welcome to the offboarding process. Let’s discuss the top exit interview questions you should ask!

1. What Made You Look Elsewhere For Another Career Opportunity?

Why did this person apply for a different job?

Are they moving to a new city/country? Are they starting a family of their own? Did they just happen to find a better career opportunity? Was it workplace burnout? Or is there something lacking about your company that can be fixed?

These kinds of exit interview questions can set the tone for further discussion.

If you find employees are leaving over remuneration, there likely weren’t enough opportunities for salary increases or incentives/bonuses within your organization.

Another common reason for exiting could be the lack of career advancement. This is a telltale sign your company should pay more attention to addressing employees’ career aspirations. No one wants to remain stagnant—life is about growth and evolution.

Career Opportunity - Ad Culture

2. What Did You Like Best and Least About Your Job?

This one will help you gauge how to hire the next person for the job. It might even help you spot potholes you would have otherwise missed.

Let’s say a departing employee shares they liked everything about their job except for the demanding, lengthy working hours. How they answer exit interview questions about what they liked and didn’t like might prompt you to make changes, like offering more flexible hours or ensuring your next hire is more comfortable with their work schedule.

3. Were You Happy With the Work Environment and Company Culture?

Aside from proper compensation and benefits, the state of the work environment and culture can either make or break the employee experience.

Finding out if a departing colleague was happy with the company climate can put things in perspective for you as an employer and as a leader. These sorts of exit interview questions can go a long way toward making your company a better place.

4. Were Your Contributions Properly Recognized? If Not, How Do You Think Recognition Could Be Improved?

Appreciation can go a long way.

Ask them to name specific moments when they felt appreciated, as well as when they felt overlooked or underappreciated. The answer to exit interview questions like this can help you determine which employee recognition techniques work best.

5. Do You Feel Your Job Description Has Changed Since You Were Hired?

Professional roles can change over time based on the needs of the company. However, sometimes these changes necessitate different skills. Whether minor or more significant, people get less enthusiastic about their jobs when drastic changes occur.

If their answer to job-description-related exit interview questions is negative, then you may want to consider some adjustments. You’ll want to be more detailed and transparent so your next hire better understands the ever-changing demands of your business.

6. Did You Receive Adequate Training to Be Successful In Your Role? If Not, How Could It Have Been Improved?

Of course, the training experience will vary from person to person, but if the answer to the first question is yes, then you’re likely on the right track.

If they answered no, then ask them for suggestions in terms of areas of improvement. Take note as current team members might have similar concerns. Remember: the point of asking exit interview questions is to learn something!

7. Under What Circumstances Would You Consider Returning to the Company?

It’s a competitive landscape out there, so many employers are more than willing to keep the door open for skilled performers who are already familiar with the ins and outs.

Exit interview questions like this give you a bird’s eye view of how you can curate better retention strategies. Remember to get as much detail as possible. Whether it’s the salary, benefits, working hours, or career advancement, it’s all valuable information.

8. How Do You Think We Can Improve Employee Morale?

Employees are more likely to discuss employee morale amongst each other rather than with the management. So, this is your chance to ask exit interview questions that will help you better understand whether or not people enjoy working at your company.

Employee Morale - Ad Culture

Turn An Exit Into a New Entrance

A wise man once said the end and the beginning are connected. Allow this exit to open the door for a new entrance—both for you and your former employee.

Find the perfect hire in the advertising landscape with the help of reliable recruitment specialists at AdCulture. When you partner with us, exit interview questions will be easy and recruitment will be a breeze.

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