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6 Signs an Employee Is Ready for a Promotion

5 min read | Jun 17, 2024
 Marta Gongos- Ad Culture By Marta Gongos

Promoting an employee comes with multiple benefits—company growth, improved employee retention, and a healthy and competitive workplace culture.

Hiring internally shouldn’t revolve around who has seniority or the most experience. Instead, it should be about their qualities and readiness for advancing their career growth. Here are the six signs to look for when promoting employees: 

1. Impressive Performance Reviews

Kick off the employee promotion process by evaluating the performance reviews of potential internal candidates. Managers should use these reports to identify which employees continuously exceed expectations and showcase impressive work ethics. 

Your top talents deserve recognition, which you can do so by giving them rightfully deserved vertical promotions and other types of employee promotions. Before you make a decision, consider if their skills, experiences, and goals align with the organization’s needs. 

2. Asking for More Responsibilities

When promoting employees, focus on those with initiative. Employees who always ask for new responsibilities are eager to do more for the team—it also means they’ve finished their tasks for their current position. 

You need a team player who’s always willing to take on more work for the team’s success. As you give them more work or put them in horizontal promotion, they get opportunities to broaden their skills, preparing them even more for a higher role. The pay raise can follow, but they need employee engagement and growth opportunities to stay motivated in advancing their career. 

3. Positive Peer and Manager Feedback

Before promoting employees, hear what their teammates and managers say about them. This way, you’ll determine if a candidate is reliable, communicative, and respected in the workplace. If other employees are vying for the same role, let them express their feedback to one another. This way, you can fairly judge which candidate is more fit for the internal promotion

Positive comments are good indicators of an employee promotion. When a newly promoted employee is respected and well-liked, teamwork and collaboration become easy. Members go well with one another, and conflicts are avoided or resolved fast. 

Otherwise, working together won’t go as smoothly as you’d hope. Mismanagement and chaos can arise at work.

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4. Excellent Collaboration With Others

Career advancement means handling new challenges and people. You’ll want to promote employees with great communication skills who also promote a healthy company culture which is becoming increasingly important.

Employees with adequate people skills can communicate effectively with different types of people in the office. They should be adept in helping others and mentoring members by constantly providing tips and constructive feedback. Your new leaders will know what works best for their teams and become an efficient part of the workforce. 

5. Solutions-Oriented

Is your candidate solutions-oriented rather than reactive? This critical thinker takes a proactive approach to finding solutions to various problems, all of which are designed to innovate and motivate the organization. 

Look for employees who always offer answers to your questions during a team meeting. While their answers may be right or wrong, they offer a fresh perspective for you to tackle the issue. Instead of being stuck figuring things out, these employees help you look at the bigger picture and move forward. 

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6. Handles Stress and Adapts to Change Well

New responsibilities come with change. Some can’t handle this pressure well and tend to break down after reaching their limits, but some rise to the challenge.

Before posting an employee promotion announcement, list adaptability as one of the qualities you’re looking for. Candidates with this skill know how to manage their stress and convert it into productive energy, propelling them toward a successful project delivery. 

💡Pro-tip: Don’t forget to ask these soft skill interview questions during the employee promotion interview. These queries will help determine if they’re ready for the new role!

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Employee promotion works both ways—it’s a great investment for the company and keeps employees engaged and determined. This win-win solution can help you break organizational limits and drive your business forward.

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