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How to Succeed at Work in the First 30/60/90 Days

6 min read | Nov 25, 2021
 Stephen Pedder- Ad Culture By Stephen Pedder

No matter what it is that you’re doing, you’re most likely to succeed when you have a plan. 

If you’ve just landed a new job, congratulations! You’re in for a brand new adventure of learning and adjustment. The idea of having to adapt to a new work environment can sometimes feel like a daunting situation, but it doesn’t have to be this way if you show up completely prepared. Now’s the time to make the ultimate master plan on how to succeed at work.

What you need is a “30/60/90 day plan”. Here at Ad Culture, we’re breaking down what exactly this entails, why it’s important, and how you can make one for yourself.

Get ready to make an impact with these tips!

What Is a 30/60/90 Day Plan?

A 30/60/90 day plan is used to set realistic goals during your first three months at a new job — and it might just be what you need to make a good impression at work.  

The goals in your plan should be SMARTSpecific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

It’s usually best to start devising this plan within the first week of your new position so that you have a little bit of a clearer understanding of the way things are in the workplace before you jump into jotting down all your goals in detail.  

Why Is It Important?

The first 30/60/90 days at a new job are generally the most critical. It is during this period of time that employees discover whether the position is right for them and whether they’re ready to take on the given tasks for the years to come. 

This is your probationary period. While you observe everything and everyone around you, you’re also being watched closely by the company at the same time. Since all eyes are on you, why not give them a performance worth looking at by displaying how determined and goal-oriented you are day by day?

The best way to be guided through this is with very specific and achievable goals organized in a 30/60/90 day plan that will help you stay focused and productive. 

Include In Your Own 30/60/90 Day Plan - Ad Culture

What to Include in Your Own 30/60/90 Day Plan

Each 30-day period in this three-month plan has a different objective. As you slowly adapt to the work environment, your goals should evolve along with you too. Having a concrete plan is how to succeed at work. 

Generally, the three major types of goals to include in each month would be the following: 

  1. Learning goals;
  2. Performance goals; and
  3. Personal goals.

As you develop your guide, remember to keep the format simple and readable for easy reference. 

How to Succeed at Work in the First 30 Days

The first 30 days at a new job are often for observing and learning about the company, its culture, and your specific role at the organization. 

Your learning goals for the first month could include the following:

  1. Do extensive research about the company by browsing the website, Google results, and reading the company handbook. 
  2. Ask your managers and other colleagues about some interesting information on the company they might want to share with you.
  3. Learn as much information as you can regarding the tasks that you’ll be expected to complete within the first 30 days.
  4. Create an effective work schedule.

A performance goal you could include is:

  • Carry out your assigned tasks to the best of your abilities and ask for feedback from your managers so you know early on what is expected from you.

Personal goals have a lot to do with fitting in with the company culture, including:

  • Introduce yourself and become acquainted with colleagues to gain a better understanding of the dynamics in the workplace.

How to Succeed at Work From Day 31 to 60

After day 30, it’s time to take what you’ve learned from the first month and start applying it in ways to make a more significant contribution to the company. At this point, it’s about slowly taking the basics to a new level to make an impact that will be remembered. 

Learning goals:

  • Participate in workshops or short courses to hone your skills further. 
  • Assess your daily schedule and learn to incorporate more elements for work-life balance. Equilibrium is key to staying inspired!

Performance goals:

  • Continue to ask for feedback from colleagues and managers.
  • Review and evaluate your own work over the previous 30 days to see where there could be room for improvement.
  • Carry out tasks in a more efficient manner that is well-adapted and less stressful for you compared to before.

Personal goals:

  • Slowly build more interpersonal relationships with the people from the same department that you regularly work with.
  • Begin acquainting yourself with people from other departments to expand your network.

How to Succeed at Work From Day 61 to 90

By now, you’ve most likely already mastered the skills you need to succeed in your position. From day 61 to 90, it’s all about being confident enough in your abilities to the extent that you are capable of slowly displaying leadership skills. 

Learning goals:

  • Develop a unique and concrete strategy of your own that allows you to carry out your tasks in a way that produces favourable outcomes.
  • Be able to share and exchange some useful strategies with other members on your team.
  • Learn more about the challenges the company might be facing and how you could contribute to solving them.

Performance goals:

  • Accomplish all tasks at the most optimal level with more confidence than ever before.
  • Innovate ways to improve the current system and workflow. Make suggestions when possible.

Personal goals: 

  • Be able to call some people from your department “work friends” as you’ve built stronger connections with them and continue to value each other as colleagues and individuals.
  • Adapt to the company culture seamlessly.
Succeed At Work From Day 61 To 90 - Ad Culture

Succeed at Work With Ad Culture

Thinking about how to succeed at work doesn’t stop once you hit the 90-day mark. It’s a continuous process that will last all throughout your employment — and Ad Culture is here to supply you with the necessary tools for you to thrive in the workplace!

Whether it’s through educational content within our blogs or our hiring process, we’ve got you covered in your career journey in the advertising, tech, or brand/business field!

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