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7 Steps to Turn a Contract Job Into Full-Time Employment

7 min read | Oct 20, 2021
 Stephen Pedder- Ad Culture By Stephen Pedder

If you’ve been wondering how to turn a contract job into full-time employment, you’ve landed in the right place!

Contract employment is rising in popularity. Often, it’s a great way for both parties, the company and the employee, to test the waters first before proceeding into a more permanent agreement. 

However, many people tend to seek full-time employment because of the benefits and stability that it has to offer. 

While not all contract work ends up turning into a regular job, it is a good idea to equip yourself with the right strategies for when the opportunity arises! Learn how to turn a contract job into full-time employment with these tips from Ad Culture.

1. Be Vocal About Your Goal of Full-Time Employment

Make it clear during the interview stage that you have a strong interest in a full-time position — if one ever becomes available at some point. Spanning the duration of your contract job, make sure your managers are aware of how much you enjoy working at the company and how you’d love to take on a permanent position at the organization.

Strategizing how to turn a contract job into full-time employment begins with being vocal about it. If you don’t voice out your objective, how will the company know that you’re interested?

Remember not to be overly pushy about it though, as you don’t want to come across as being excessively aggressive. As much as possible, strive to maintain a good balance between being professional, confident, and direct. 

2. Be Diligent

Making a good impression is bound to take you closer to your career goals. Always be diligent in the work you do, and it’ll only be a matter of time before you reap incredible results.

Arriving to work on time, completing your tasks to the best of your abilities, and meeting deadlines are just a few of the things you can do to show that you’re someone the company can rely on. 

Work just as hard as you would if it were a full-time position. 

Be Diligent - Ad Culture

3. Prove Your Worth

Ultimately, a contract job is no less important than full-time employment. You were hired because the company needed you to fulfill an important role. While you might not have all the benefits that regular employees enjoy, the work you do is still vital to the organization. You are valuable — whether you’re a regular employee or not. 

Prove your worth and show them that the company needs you and your talent. Aside from doing your best at the tasks given to you, try sharing your unique ideas. If you can think of any effective and unconventional ways to improve your work and work flow, then don’t be afraid to make suggestions. Be an innovator who stands out!

Getting noticed for your extraordinary contributions will increase your chances of gaining the permanent position you’re looking for. 

4. Show Your Initiative

If you’re thinking about how to turn a contract job into full-time employment, then going the extra mile will need to rank high on your to-do list. 

Does the company need someone to do overtime work? Then you might want to consider volunteering. If there are optional training opportunities within the company that you could attend, then that could help place you in a good light.    

Bear in mind that there’s a fine line between trying to show initiative and being a push-over.  Just show the right amount of hustle to make sure you receive just as much respect as you give to everyone at the company. It will clearly require more effort and less sleep, but if you really want to transition into a full-time job, then it’ll all be worth it. 

As much as you can, grab the opportunities to demonstrate your commitment and dedication. 

5. Build Connections

One of the most powerful steps in this guide on “How to Turn A Contract Job into Full-Time Employment” is the building of connections. You’re already surrounded by the people who can help you secure full-time employment. Now, it’s up to you to build the connections necessary to make it happen. 

Be a good communicator. Make friends. Be someone that the company would love to have around. 

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t just build connections within your own department. Collaborate and interact with people across the different divisions within the organization. You never know who, among these people, might be able to put in a good word for you. Whether they get to help you within your current company or refer you to another company in the future, having a strong and wide network opens up many opportunities.

These are the people that will be asked about your performance in case the company decides to look internally for full-time job vacancies. You want to make sure the feedback about you is fantastic.

 Build Connections - Ad Culture

6. Be Open to Various Opportunities Within the Company

While you’re working a contract job at the company, you might find that there’s a vacancy for full-time employment that isn’t exactly the position you were hoping for. If you’re really aiming for a more permanent position, then being open to various job opportunities within the company is one of the ways you can make it happen.

Think of it as a stepping stone, where you will once again be given the opportunity to prove your worth over a longer period of time. 

7. Fit In With the Company Culture

One of the main reasons that companies seek to fill contract positions is to see first whether you’re a right fit for the job — minus the long-term commitment. Aside from doing an excellent job with your tasks, another way to prove that you’re deserving of a full-time position is by fitting in with company culture.  

If blending in at work is easy, then that will be a huge plus point for you. On the other hand, if you find yourself being in complete culture shock, then you’ll be glad that one of the perks of a contract job is that it isn’t permanent! Once the duration is over, you can continue your journey of finding the company with the right culture for you. 

Find Your Dream Job With Ad Culture

Learning how to turn a contract job into full-time employment becomes easier with these tips! Your dream job could be right around the corner — and sometimes all you need is the right strategies to succeed. 

If you’re a unicorn in the field of advertising, marketing, tech, creative, or communications, we’re here to connect you with the company you dream of working at so you can excel further. 

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