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7 Interview Questions to Ask Content Creators

5 min read | Jun 8, 2023
 Marta Gongos- Ad Culture By Marta Gongos

There is one common denominator that dominates the heart of every industry, and we call it content creation.

No matter what type of business we manage, factoring content creation into the equation is always a winning move. After all, social media is basically a digital reflection (or reimagination) of people’s lives. No one can truly live without it, making it the ideal avenue to promote your brand.

Now, if only you could find the perfect person to create like-worthy content…

If you’re looking for the ideal candidate to dip your company into the shiny waters of social media fame, we’ve got the top seven content creator interview questions ready for you!

1. In Your Opinion, What Are the Essential Aspects of Good Content?

Let’s get a bit more nitty gritty with this queen of all fundamental content creator interview questions.

Of course, there is a wide spectrum of brilliant answers that can be given to this question, so just keep a lookout for the ones that spark a light in your mind as a recruitment manager.

Here are the key elements we are rooting for the candidate to mention:

  • Originality. Fresh content is important. That’s why it’s called content creation and not content copying. Plagiarism is, essentially, a mortal sin in the world of content.
  • Value for the Reader/Viewer. Both in the caption and visual, your target market should be able to find some sort of value in them. A good content creator can take your products and services and translate them into a language that your customer speaks fluently—while representing your brand in the most authentic way possible of course. Understanding the connection between the brand and the customer is the secret to producing impactful content.
  • Engagement. This element of content creation speaks volumes about the effectiveness of your social media efforts. Are people hitting the follow button? Are they actually liking, commenting, and sharing once they become followers? Are you being seen and responded to in a positive manner? Engagement is extremely valuable for your company’s social media presence.

 Essential Aspects of Good Content - Ad Culture

2. Which of Your Previous Social Media Projects Are You Most Proud Of?

This interview question will give you a glimpse into their best work. Feel free to ask follow-up questions as needed, as this will shine a light on their personal style, content creation strategies, and vision.

3. What Would You Do About Content That Underperforms?

Problem-solving is an integral skill in any industry. It just so happens that we end up using it even more for content creation.

The answer to this question will reveal how well your candidate handles pressure and works around bumps in the road.

4. How Do You Go About Your Research for a Relevant Target Market?

Your team just created a social media campaign that’s the whole package, but if you don’t deliver it to the right address, what’s the point even?

This question is more thought-provoking than it first seems, as it prompts the interviewee to share their research techniques. The answer ultimately showcases if they can think outside of the box or if they even consider the box’s existence at all.

Do they know how to spot the right audience? Are they familiar with keyword-based research? All of these elements are absolutely vital.

5. How Do You Incorporate SEO Practices Into Your Content Creation?

Gaining visibility on social media should entail making both the search engine and the customer happy.

Asking the content creator this question gives you a bird’s eye view of their know-how in terms of hashtags, keywords, alt text, and more.

Do they strike a balance between catering to the algorithm and the customer? Do they know how to make your brand seen and not just scrolled by?

Sometimes, SEO can be madness, but there’s definitely a method to it!

6. Which Social Media Platform Is Your Favourite?

It’s not easy to play favourites with social media platforms, but deep down inside, everyone has one that they prefer using over the other.

The answer to this one is a matter of preference, and there isn’t really a wrong or right response. This is merely a means to get to know them on a somewhat deeper level while gaining insight into what they like about that particular platform. Hey, you might even relate or even learn a thing or two here for yourself!

7. What Is One of the Most Recent Things You Have Learned About Your Craft?

Like most careers, that of a content creator exists in a constant state of flux. So, we can infer that there is always a new nugget of wisdom to pick up.

The answer to this important question indicates how they stay in the loop with all the industry updates. Naturally, you would want to hire someone who is consistent yet isn’t afraid of positive change.

From online classes to SEO tools, the possibilities are infinite. What’s their type of infinite?

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