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Our Hire Pricing - Ad Culture

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Pricing FAQs

The percentage is based on the base salary the candidate is being offered. It does not account or include bonus’, commissions or other renumeration.

Once an accepted candidate has been in their position for 8 weeks, we consider that placement met.

If before 8 weeks, we’ll use reasonable resources to provide a replacement applicant at no additional fee.

We built a pricing model that delivers incredible candidates at very competitive rates. That creates a lot of interest in our services, so this is how we can be sure to spend our time selectively and bring in the right client. The desperation or finding a candidate is removed without taking away the urgency and reward.

Recruitment FAQs

As former advertising professionals, that was our feeling too, so we can completely relate. However, after writing the job description, posting it on our website & socials, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd interviews, we realized the averge recrutiment process was taking us between 50 – 100 hours to comple. It was also disappointing to go through lengthy interview processes and decide to hire no one. We compared the time spent x hourly rate of management and opportunity cost to a recruiters fees and decided we’d be more profitable letting someone else do the heavy lifting.

Absolutely! We do all the same heavy lifting you do in terms of getting to know the personality, experience and skillset. The one advantage we have is we’re always doing it and with out background in advertising, we can ask the right questions and compare many candidates.

This is part of our questionnaire, but the range is typically 2-6 candidates.

Our process has two questionnaires. The first is at the company level where we try to understand the history, future plans, employee perks/benefits in general. The second questionnnaire is role specific. We belive doing it this way gives us the best perspective on who we need to bring you.

Honestly. We’re going to do our best to understand your company, the role and the expectations. All of that has to come across positively and honestly. We believe met expectations all around is the recipe to success.

Yes. We feel it would be in bad taste to pick from our existing customers. That said, if one of your employees reaches out to us, we will decline to place them, but keep their desire to explore confidential.


What our
have to say

Jonathan Parker, Loft - Ad Culture

Jonathan Parker


“I needed a Marketing Manager that would also look after dispatching and the crew. I tried to find the right person on my own and tried a few people out, but a friend referred me to Ad Culture and hired Sarah who pretty much runs the office. Huge relief and very happy to have engaged Ad Culture.”

Tessa Emmanuel, The Weight Loss Clinic - Ad Culture

Tessa Emmanuel

The Weight Loss Clinic

“The team at Ad Culture really came through for us on a very particular need we had. We wanted to meet influencers in the fitness space that would be ambassadors, work with our clients and devote themselves full time. Seeing that they had a background in digital advertising and influencer marketing, we reached out and made it happen. Results were so good we referred them to our counterpart in the US.”

Jake Matzanke, Consultus Digital - Ad Culture

Jake Matzanke

Consultus Digital

“I resisted using a recruiter for a long time because of the cost, but when I calculated all the time spent in drafting the job descriptions, collecting resumes, sifting through, scheduling screening interviews, all to not find the right person, I reached out to Ad Culture and the money was well worth it. I felt Stephen really understood the kind of person we were looking for and their skiillsets.”

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