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Download These 6 Free Resume Templates to Impress Recruiters

5 min read | Mar 2, 2023
 Marta Gongos- Ad Culture By Marta Gongos

A resume is a written representation of your professional experience. It’s the first impression you make on prospective employers.

Thanks to the primacy effect, first impressions tend to last longer than we think. People tend to form an opinion of someone or something quickly after they meet or encounter it. This opinion then tends to stay with them, even if it is later disproved by new information. This makes it important to make sure that first impressions are as positive as possible.

You may have the credentials or skills, but how you present that information can either make or break your chances of landing your dream job. Your resume is the perfect opportunity to attract the attention of recruiters and stand out from hundreds of applicants—its content and layout should reflect who you are and your strengths as a candidate!

Download one of our 6 resume templates to get ahead in your job search!

Resume Templates To Impress Recruiters - Ad Culture
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Free Resume Templates To Land That Dream Job

1. Chronological Resume

This type of resume enumerates your work history and other relevant achievements in order of time. You can either start at the beginning or with what you’ve done recently.

A chronological resume is best for job seekers with a plethora of work experience. However, you should limit your document to two pages to avoid overwhelming the recruiter. Remember the golden rule of quality over quantity!

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2. Functional Resume

A functional resume highlights your skill set and experience rather than presenting your work experience as the focus. That comes later, in a more concise format.

The key difference you will notice between the two is a functional resume will likely have “Professional Experience & Accomplishments” as a heading rather than “Work History.” Take advantage of this style if you are new to the workforce, shifting to a new career path, or have a significant gap between jobs.

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3. Combination Resume

As the name suggests, a combination resume is a hybrid that blends the best of chronological and functional resumes. It starts with the candidate’s skills and qualifications before spotlighting your professional experience.

This type of resume is highly detailed, making it perfect for those who want to present all their best qualities without ignoring their relevant work experience. You can use it whether you’re a veteran in the corporate world or a newcomer, as your work history does not have to be extensive—rather, just meaningful—for you to use this format.

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4. Targeted Resume

Choose the targeted resume as your go-to format to emphasize specific skills that are relevant to the job to which you’re applying. A huge plus point of this kind of resume is how it can demonstrate your familiarity with the company and the prospective position.

Sometimes, elaboration is key; other times, brevity is better. It’s a good layout for consultants and freelancers who wish to highlight skill sets rather than length of employment. They’re all about showing your would-be employer how well you understand their company and why you’re the right person to step into the role.

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Targeted Resume - Ad Culture
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5. Infographic Resume

Rather than being composed of pure text, an infographic resume features graphic design elements. This method puts a fresh spin on your resume, thanks to sleek layouts, formatting, colours, and design.

An infographic resume is sure to catch the eye of recruiters. Opt for one if you feel like showcasing your creativity from the get-go—a great idea for applicants who specialize in visual design and marketing. However, be mindful not to omit important or relevant information at the expense of style!

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6. Mini Resume

A mini resume is a summary of your career milestones and skills. Similar to a targeted resume, it only contains information relevant to the position you are currently applying for.

Mini resumes make perfect sense for career networking events or job fairs. Consider it as a bonus to your business card. When networking, a mini resume can be the print version of your elevator pitch. Its purpose should be to sell you as a candidate, but leave room for further discussion and inquiry down the road. Intrigue can work!

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You + Our Resume Templates = Hired

There you have them—six downloadable resume templates take the stress out of sending applications and help you avoid common mistakes. We guarantee you’ll have more luck with a free resume builder than starting from scratch on a blank page.

Now that your resume has had a makeover, we’re here to guide you through the process of acing the interview and landing your dream job. At Ad Culture, we’re all about positioning you to succeed in the role you deserve.

We’ve given you our best free resume templates in this blog—why not give us a call while they download?

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