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6 Design Trends in Social Media and Web Design Predicted for 2024

6 min read | Jul 1, 2024
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Staying on top of design trends is a must if you want to take your business to new heights. But let’s face it, keeping up with the design world isn’t easy, especially if it’s not your forte! What’s hot now could easily be a not tomorrow. 

That’s why hiring talented web designers updated with the latest web design trends is crucial to staying relevant and captivating website visitors. When your business relies on amazing designs, you need a team that’s ahead of the curve and ready to roll with whatever’s next!

With help from the digital marketing experts at The Influence Agency, we’ll delve into six compelling design trends shaping social media and web design this year. Let’s dive right in and see what’s in store for your brand!

1. AI Design 

AI-generated digital art depicting two women sitting across each other in a futuristic setting with spaceships flying

Image source: The Influence Agency

In 2024, AI-generated design trends have become all the rage in social media and websites. AI algorithms can now create designs, and generate visually stunning and innovative illustrations, from dynamic graphics to personalized content

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this graphic design trend reflects a seamless fusion of creativity and technology. It caters to individual preferences and market dynamics, all while meeting the growing demand for efficiency and personalization.

However, AI can’t always be the solution to every design need. It’s a tool that can do wonders, but only in the right hands of experienced graphic and web designers who can put their capabilities to good use.

Popular AI design tools your expert team can use: 

2. Neo-Brutalism 

A graphic design on Figma where people from various positions can collaborate

Image source: Figma 

Neo-Brutalism design trends are gaining traction, offering a bold departure from conventional aesthetics. Characterized by raw, unapologetic structures, stark and experimental typography, and a focus on functionality, this enduring graphic design trend captivates your target audience with its jarring custom patterns. 

It allows authenticity to take center stage and provides a break from polished, mainstream design trends in websites and social media. 

Design key points for Neo-brutalism include:

  • Hard shadows
  • Hard contrast
  • Dark outlines
  • Geometric shapes
  • Bold typography 
  • Bold and bright colours 

Neo-Brutalism’s popularity lies in users’ desire for a visually honest and impactful online experience. It challenges norms, embraces asymmetry, and prioritizes content over ornamentation—immediately catching people’s eyes. More than that, it resonates with a generation craving individuality, making it a powerful tool for visual storytelling and creating visually striking and memorable digital spaces that stand out in the crowded online landscape.

3. Abstract Shape 

Phone app designs designed with abstract shapes and vibrant colors.

Image source: Lucie Bajgart | Dribbble 

Abstract shape designs are emerging on social media feeds as a captivating graphic design trend in 2024. Graphic designers are increasingly leveraging the power of geometric abstraction to create visually striking and memorable custom illustrations. These designs, characterized by fluid and unconventional geometric shapes, offer a refreshing departure from traditional layouts.

Abstract shape masks not only capture attention but also convey a sense of modernity and artistic flair. They provide brands and individuals with a versatile canvas to express creativity, express brand identity, and establish a unique visual presence using modern design elements.

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4. Kitschy Retro 

 Sticker designs for a burger brand called Pretty Patty, designed in a kitschy retro style.

Image source: Karla Heredia | Behance

Kitschy retro design trends are experiencing a resurgence on social media platforms, captivating audiences with nostalgic charm and whimsical aesthetics. Characterized by bold colours, quirky patterns, and vintage-inspired elements, kitschy retro designs evoke a sense of playfulness and individuality.

Its vibrant and unconventional nature not only sparks engagement but also creates instant brand recognition—a must in the ever-growing digital market and something graphic designers and web developers can leverage for your business.

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5. Pop-Futurism 

A poster featuring bold and vibrant lettering that reads “80's R Back,” with a Nike shoe positioned in the center.

Image source: Santiago Granobles | Pinterest 

Pop-futurism is one to dominate social media and web design trends this 2024, blending futuristic elements with messy hand-drawn illustration styles and vibrant, pop-culture-inspired aesthetics. This web design trend resonates with the zeitgeist, offering a visual fusion of technology, nostalgia, and contemporary pop influences. 

The popularity of pop-futurism arises from a collective yearning for a future that embraces innovation while celebrating the familiar. Its vivid colour palettes, playful shapes, recognizable elements, and dynamic compositions capture attention in an age where users crave both cutting-edge visuals and nostalgic connections. 

As technology evolves, pop-futurism serves as a bridge between the past and future, creating a new graphic design trend that is visually compelling and emotionally resonant. 

6. Y2K 

Retro-purple colours and photos composed of poses and colour schemes reminiscent of the 2000s

Image source: Carollt Robinsonnl | Behance

Y2K graphic design trends are making a nostalgic comeback online, captivating social media followers with a blend of early 2000s aesthetics and futuristic elements. 

Marked by bold colours, pixelated graphics, and cyber-inspired motifs, Y2K designs resonate with a generation seeking a visual homage to the turn of the millennium. Its popularity on social media stems from a desire for a digital escape and a yearning for the iconic and eclectic style of the Y2K era. 

Brands harness Y2K design to infuse a sense of nostalgia, employing flashy visuals, and tapping into the era’s unique blend of analog and digital aesthetics. Through this social media and web design trend, brands can create a visually striking and memorable online presence.

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2024 promises a rich tapestry of creative design trends reshaping the digital sphere. But all that’s moot without the right web developer talent in your team.

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